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In your ultimate absolute truth, you truly do not know what you are, thus it's easy to mistake yourself to be what you are not because you are only ever knowing that you are and not what you are.

What you are is animating what you are not (you're not a separate body-object; you are the animation of the whole). What you are is even animating what you are not to be searching for what you truly are.

In other words, it's what you are that is animating the search for what you are (The single Doer that does everything without conscious-control; without direct influence), but you can never find what you are only that you are.

If you simply see that YOU ARE then you will no longer need to find out what you are because the fact that you are is the only ultimate absolute truth that has any significance.

What you are is not knowing what it is, so how do you imagine that any body can know? Especially since the body-idea is only knowing that what I am is body. All ideas of knowledge are being animated by that which only knows the Knowledge of Itself; that It is the only Reality, the only Existence.

You are not the body, you are animating all bodies and all movements everywhere simultaneously. How do you know? Because you only know that you are.

Whatever you imagine is, will be intimately known as what you are, not because you are that but only because you simply are and that's all you are knowing.

You are only knowing that you are, so if a mind appears, you imagine that you are mind. If a body appears, you imagine you are body because all you ever know about what you are is that you are and you don't know what you are, so anything you animate will feel as if that's what you are.

You are only ever knowing that you are and you cannot know what you are. Knowing the body as what you are doesn't solve the dilemma of not knowing what you are because you are only trading that YOU ARE in favor for knowing what you are. You cannot be what you are and also know what you are because what you are is simply only knowing that you are.

You are. It's the most obvious knowing that there is. You cannot deny that you are. What gets animated, so obviously, magnifies the fact that you are. You simply keep overlooking the most obvious simplicity which holds the only true Knowledge which has any significance; I Am that I Am (I Am─only ever Knowing─that I Am).

If I Am confused appears to be animated (you're the single Animator which animates the whole universe), you overlook I Am (which is the only Knowledge that you are knowing with absolute conviction) and you imagine that you are confusion: "I am confused".

You are not confusion, you are animating confusion. Why animate confusion? Because you are overlooking the fact that You Are. If you are ever only knowing that you are then it doesn't matter what gets animated, simply because what is animating it, is only knowing itself. What is animating is only knowing itself as the Animator. I am not confusion; I Am that I Am.

How do you know of confusion? I Am.
How do you know that you're not confused? Confusion magnifies the fact that I Am.
How do you know what you are is not confused? I don't know anything but the most obvious fact that I Am.
What else is there?
Everything pings the fact that I Am.
What can happen outside of the fact that I Am?
If something happens, I know of it because I Am. I Am only ever Knowing that I Am.

To the mind, this is circular thinking, but to that which animates the mind this is abiding as what is (the true and only Knowledge; Self-Knowledge, Self-realization) and that's undisturbed peace.

The mind only pings the fact that only IT IS exists (since IT IS what animates the mind). It cannot be what It animates because it is being that which is animating. It's not mind, it animates the mind and therefore mind can only ping that It is.

Perhaps this is too simple for the mind, which is why it gets overlooked. Mind wants to complicate. This type of simplicity requires nothing of the mind.

Hence, if mind is then of course that's what I am since I am only knowing I am which then appears as "I am mind". If I am knowing only I Am then of course I am not knowing anything else because I only know that I Am.

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