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"Why do I imagine myself to be what I am not? Why does this appear? Right, so that I can awaken to myself... But if I am already what I am, awakeness itself, what's the point? Is this a game I'm playing with myself? A hide-and-seek? I'd like to stop playing now."

Just as a metaphor, since there's only God and God is purely itself, not reflecting to itself anything to know that it is; it's easy to start imagining.

In the same manner that you lay in bed with your eyes closed, not registering your senses, eventually you will fall to sleep and a dream world will appear. This whole entire dream world is imagined. It happens through no fault of your own, it just appears when there is nothing reflecting you to yourself.

Similarly, God is simply imagining a world into existence which has no actual existence; other than the God itself which is imagining it. Not that it's a mistake, but as God you cannot know WHAT you are─you can only know that YOU ARE (I AM).

Hence, it's easy to think you are what is being imagined because all that is being known is that I AM, so if this is appearing then it must be what I AM. Something like this, you know?

Dreams too, the dream state, while dreams are happening to appear, it appears as if it's real, convincing and as if that's what you are.

Hence, you have to go back to where you came from, by persevering with the practice given by the sage. Thus, stop identifying with the appearance (stop identifying with what is being imagined) by bringing the energy back to the source that is imagining it; therefore being what you are (as only the I AM) without imagining that you are what is not.

It has to be done that way to break the habitual energetic pulls that keep bringing you back to the imagining and believing that the imagination is anything more than the same way dreams appear. It all relies on the belief that you are what is appearing; that you are what God is imagining, instead of only knowing God. Only knowing I AM THAT I AM and not landing on WHAT I AM since WHAT I am cannot be known by imagining. I can only know THAT I AM.

You have to unhook it, the same way it was hooked, but in reverse. The habit is broken, by moving back to the source, and away from the habit.

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