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All problems are ideas in the mind. Knowing the undifferentiated Self is the answer to all problems. Not because the undifferentiated Self answers problems, but because the Self knows only Self and knows not of a mind nor anything other. No differences anywhere.

All differences are not differences but the same One Infinite Self, undifferentiated, yet appearing as if it is "this" which appears different than "that". The idea of the differences between "this" versus "that" is in the mind alone and yet the mind is neither other nor different than the Self; the Self, which is the undifferentiated One.

The mind cannot solve the problematic dilemma of itself. Only by realizing the undifferentiated Self does one clearly see that the mind and its ideas of differences (separation, comparisons, opposites, dualities) are false since there is only the One undifferentiated Self alone and no other is.

To realize the undifferentiated Self simply have devotional trust in the sage's undoubtable clear seeing that only the Self is alone. It's a one-step-trust, which means from this moment forward you have absolute-trust that absolutely the whole of the universe is nothing other than the undifferentiated Self alone. Nothing is excluded and nothing is required because there is nothing that is not the Self.

Only the Self is. Not trusting this is the Self appearing as if it's not trusting itself. How can you get it wrong? Despite all appearances and experiences, nothing is proof or evidence that you are not the Self because only the Self is and only the Self can appear. The Self can appear however it pleases. You always remain as you are because nothing else can be but the Self. You are the Self.

Having this absolute-trust in the sage is the only devotional-step that is needed. Then you will know, through absolute-trust and devotion to the sage's complete and perfect clarity, that everything you see, hear, smell, taste, experience, know, perceive, is none other than the undifferentiated Self itself!

No process, no understanding nor knowledge required because you have the Knowledge (Self-Knowledge) by way of complete-trust in your devotion to the sage and honoring, with absolute-conviction, the sage's clear seeing as your very own Self.

This is absolutely the truest and purest devotion, and through such a devotion to the sage then the sage is seen as absolutely everything and everywhere as your very own Self. As the sage, you have absolute-conviction of the Self.

This type of devotion is required. You can come with devotion to the sage, who is the embodiment of the Self, and thus Self-Knowledge through devotion; or the devotion can come from Existence and touching brief and short-lived graces of the Self revealing itself through Existence.

The reason why all knowledge of the Self is short-lived experiences of grace is that the Self is not interested in what appears to be felt and experienced in the world of appearances.

The Self wants complete and total trust that only the undifferentiated Self is, despite if you feel it or are experiencing it in the world of appearance. All appearances are the undifferentiated Self appearing as if it's changing and it will always appear to change from one feeling to another, from one experience to another. You must, it is absolutely required, that you trust that only It (the Self; the sage) is.

There is actually no other path and nothing as direct as what is explained here because this is how the path of devotion intersects with the path of Self-Knowledge.

Everything else is mind and mind's process which leads to an inexhaustible and endless journey because the mind cannot solve the problematic dilemma of the mind.

Going down the path of Knowledge, there is no guarantee that you will intersect with the path of devotion (which is eventually required, if the resolution of the Self is to be had) and in this sense the path of devotion is the most direct path.

However, going down the path of devotion, there is also no guarantee that the path of one-step Self-Knowledge will present itself through devotion because absolute-trust needs to be completely given without restriction or demand. Whether absolute-trust comes from devotion to the Self appearing as Existence or the Self appearing as sage (the embodiment of Existence), these are not two; these are the undifferentiated One Self, which you are. You are the sage; you are Existence.

In other words, you must have such an intense devotion to the sage (Existence) that you know as the sage (Existence) knows, which means that you only know the undifferentiated Self despite what appears in thought, feeling and experience; thus you are the sage (Existence); as the Self. That's what Self-Knowledge is which eventually requires this one-step devotion to Self (Existence; Sage).

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