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The sage is extremely clear that the universe didn't evolved out of nothing and neither did human beings evolve from apes. The theory of evolution stems from the idea that existence is opposed to non-existence, but both are actually the movement and non-movement of mind.

Instead the sage points to questioning your ideas about existence by looking to your direct experience of the three states of mind (wake state, dream state and deep sleep state).

The sage is clear about what the mind is because through direct recognition of the three states of mind, everything is simplified. Once you know how the dream state appears then you also are clear about what the wake state is and how it appears. Both appear by way of mind.

Furthermore, in the deep sleep state nothing appears because mind is too still to register movement, thus an appearance only appears when mind moves.

Through the direct seeing of the three states, absolutely all secrets are exposed, and the mystery becomes directly and clearly known, simply by inquiry.

Moreover, the dream state reveals that the entire universe of the dream world, including the dream body, is within mind and this confirms that the wake state world and wake body is also within mind.

Only by being clear about the mind, in a direct manner, does it become obvious what is not a state of mind─and that's all that the sage is interested in because that clarity is itself the irreversible Self-realization which transforms and transcends the mind simultaneously.

"Sri Summairu - is Existence other than what is happening, always? is it the ex-pression of the Absolute? thank you!"

What is happening in the dream state? Similarly, the wake state is produced and projected by that same mind. To the Absolute, existence or the wake state is all ideas, in the same manner that the whole of the dream state is imagined.

"Sri Summairu so, when one experiences existence/consciousness/bliss - without any sense or notion of self or mind whatsoever, is it still a projection of mind that is being experienced?"

It's the highest and most advanced state of clear mind since it reveals where the mind arises from, the source, thus the mind is seen as source itself. Existence-consciousness-bliss is the direct experience of I AM as Existence is and nothing other exists but Amness. One without a second.

However, what gets revealed next, if it gets revealed at all, is dead mind, which realizes the Amness (Existence-consciousness-bliss) is the first idea, of the Absolute, from which all other ideas play and celebrate. It's how the One realizes itself as the One without a second. But to the Absolute, even Amness is an idea because the Absolute is prior to Existence and prior to non-existence. I AM Not, No-Self; not One nor two nor none, is the Ultimate Supreme.

Both these realizations are significant and relevant; held in extreme regard to what the vision of Truth is. Truth plays back and forth between the two: I am Existence (One without a second) and I Am Not neither One nor two nor none.

Both are as Truth is, but for the sage, the sage stands as the Absolute and cannot fully play even in the idea of I Am as Existence is because that idea has been seen irreversibly. Never to get lost again. For this reason, the sage is the embodiment of the Absolute and cannot embody as I Am Life nor hold to a life of a body. Hence, why it is said that for the sage, the body you see (which is no different than Existence itself), is the last life, for even Existence itself cannot be anything more than an idea. The root idea which is seen by the Absolute and registered by the Absolute since only the Absolute is the ineffable non-conceptual and cannot form an idea because it is without reflection to sense itself; beyond even the idea of ideas.

"Sri Summairu thank you so much, and it is clear! one more question: you say, ''However, what gets revealed next, if it gets revealed at all, is dead mind, which realizes the Amness (Existence-consciousness-bliss) is the first idea, of the Absolute, from which all other ideas play and celebrate.'' why do you use the term, ''dead'' mind?"

The mind which gives rise to all states (wake state, dream state, deep sleep state and spirit state which leads to another wake state) is dead when the Absolute is realized.

Dead mind meaning that no state of mind can arise again once these current states play themselves out. The playing out of this current active wake state (current body and life) is karma from mind not being dead prior to this current wake state appearing.

Yet, mind having died before body death, the mind is dead in energizing it further, so all desires and attachment to the body and world are dead. The body has to die in order for the wake state to render itself inactive, thus to never resurrect since the mind is dead.

As a result, dead mind is different than clear mind. Clear mind collapses the idea that a wake state is happening and instead sees only Self as the only happening, which is known as Existence-consciousness-bliss. The Self soaks in itself, receiving itself, embodying itself and continuously reveals itself as deeper states of peace, unattachment and loving what is permeates the Existence of Self. Self is fascinated with loving itself. All of Existence is known as perfect because all of Existence is Self.

With dead mind, nothing is happening, nothing has ever happened nor could ever happen. It's the perfection of the Absolute where no experience exists. Perfection because it's beyond both movement and unmoving.

Clear mind means a mind that is clearly only knowing Self, but the way Self is knowing itself and receiving itself is through clear mind (mind is known as Self but still mind is there to reflect Self).

Without mind, or dead mind, even that subtle duality of the One Self receiving itSelf alone is not possible because there is no reflection. Without the subtlety of subtle mind (which is the clearest mind), nothing at all is known, not even I nor I-I because nothing is appearing at all on any level. The Absolute cannot appear to itself because there is no mind to reflect itself back to itself. Hence, dead mind.

"I am lost. In time, there was no first human. All so called life on Earth is part of the same tree. No?"

The wake state appears all at once instantly. Similarly to how the dream state appears. Time, space and matter are all ideas that happen within the wake state but are not the nature of the wake state. In the same manner that is no actual time, space and matter or physical existence in the dream state.

"I was referring to the story within the dream."

"Since the story is within the dream then the dream cannot be figured out through a story about the dream. Only that which is not dream can see directly what the dream is and how it appears, and that will be known by that which is not dream, therefore needs neither a story nor a belief in order to know."

"The appearance of the physical world of matter and vibrations - all interpreted through mind - is there actually an ''out there'' at all?"

Yes, that which is not mind is beyond mind. Mind is the root idea in which all appearances appear to exist. That which is not mind is existing prior to existence, thus knows of mind as nothing more than an idea; know it simply because it is not mind. The mind doesn't have any existence outside of an idea and That can know of such an idea because it is itself idealess.

"Dear Sri Summairu, you said quote ''in the deep sleep state nothing appears because mind is too still to register movement'' unquote. This points to a deeper 'something' that is prior to movement, that is even behind movement. But is itself also 'movement', its the original primal stir of consciousness, the first of the 5 elemental playing i.e. space, where the Buddhist calls it Xin, hrdaya as in the Heart Sutra. Quote "mind is too still" unquote, but is also (subtle) mind. Behind that mind which is 'too still' is the ineffable Absolute. Is this where the pointing is directed from?"

There is a state prior to the deep sleep state that registers the deep sleep state. The Hindu's call it Turiya which is Sanskrit meaning "the fourth" (that which is conscious of all three states of mind). Also known as pure consciousness.

However, since consciousness is still on board, I would make a distinction between pure consciousness and the Absolute. The Absolute is beyond consciousness. No states remain there, thus the ineffable Absolute doesn't reflect nor register different states. There is Absolutely no distinction in the Absolute.

No ideas can even enter nor arise for the Absolute. From the Absolute, nothing can be registered, not even an idea since the Ineffable Absolute is idealess; just the idealess Absolute remains alone. As soon as an idea is being registered then the Ineffable Absolute is not being registered because the Absolute cannot register anything but the Absolute.

The Hindus call the ineffable Absolute "Turiatita" (that which is beyond Turiya).

"Is the absolute what buddhists refer to as emptiness?"

Emptiness, when it comes to Buddhists, has many different meanings depending on the context.

Sages don't often speak of the Absolute because it's the most difficult to describe since you can only describe it negatively (what it is not). Also, it will not introduce itself, let alone abide, until first Self-realization is abiding. You have to first realize and be the One Self before you can realize what is prior to the One Self.

It's not pointed to much but every once in a while every sage will sneak in a phrase or two about it:

"The ‘I Am’ state has great potency, and from this the manifestation of the universe has taken place. After the ‘I Am’ merges in the Pure Awareness, the entire universe vanishes as though it had never existed. The first step is to go to this ‘I Am’ state, remain there and then merge and go beyond." ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

'I Am' mentioned in the quote is what I am referring to as the One Self in the last comment. Pure Awareness is the Awareness which is aware of all three states. When the One Self merges into Pure awareness, then both fall away and what remains is the realization that the entire universe never existed (The Absolute).

"So the Absolute can only ever be an idea?"

"The Absolute is absolutely no idea; truly idealess and imageless. In other words, it's what remains when absolutely no ideas are being registered. Most can only bump up against it through the wake state for only a split second and that's only if it's pointed to very specifically and only if the mind is mostly silent, which generally is only that silent (the silence needed to be introduced to the Absolute) when abiding in Self-realization."


Space is an idea and produces an image in the mind about what the Absolute is, yet it's exactly idealess and imageless (non-imagination).

"Yes, Sri Summairu, space is an idea which is created by our mind but actually it's a Pure Consciousness, isn't that?"

Even "Pure Consciousness" the mind can image, think about and express. That's what I say Ineffable, which is the Absolute. The mind cannot image, imagine, think about nor express the Ineffable.

"I like you said the universe did not evolve from nothing, that seems self evident except to some scientists, however, if man did not evolve from apes, where did he come from??? Fundamentalists say god did it 4000 years ago like wham! bang! Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, which is absolutely true in explaining the human condition, if taken metaphorically as a myth, but is non-sense if take as fact. What is your take on where man came from?"

In the same manner that the dream state appears instantly and a whole entire dream world is brought into existence immediately within a flash, so too the wake state is the same.

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