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Everyone waits around or searches for grace, not realizing that grace is what they are as the Self but they don't realize it because they are not really interested in being the Self, as the Self is; grace itself, they are interested in waiting for the Self to give or reveal when the Self sees fit but there is none other than the Self so what comes effortlessly and freely will not be what it takes to be the Self. You must turn towards the source of grace itself and be That alone.

To be the Self, you have to go to the source of the Self and merge with the Self until there's nothing left of you but the realization that only the Self is and abiding as the Self alone.

The whole of the world is nothing but grace itself. Fierce grace and effortless grace alike, due to duality, but grace all the same. It's all grace. Every experience you ever had was designed for your own awakening to the One Self alone as what you are and for that purpose alone.

You have no other purpose, but very few use the appearance of the world in this manner, for the purpose you (as the Self) designed it, so they fail to get the message that their awakening will not be found in the appearance of the world.

The world of duality is not your friend, unless you use it for the purpose of awakening. The world of duality is designed to feel as a limitation and indeed produces limitation. The world appears to give you exactly what you need to turn away from the appearance of the world and back to yourself; the source which reveals itself as that which could never be a limitation (the One Self).

For most, this looks like a slow process of evolution, many lifetimes because on some level they enjoy the play of limitation and duality, or maybe it looks like inquiry which takes decades and many will say they are exhausted and not seeing the result but they are not really wanting to stop yet because they keep trying to enjoy the playing and not persevering to come back to the source.

The joy, peace and happiness that everyone is searching for will not be found in the play of the dual-world, within the appearances, and everyone deep down knows this but they keep doing it; keep turning towards the appearance of the world. So they keep getting more of brief joy and pleasure then pain and exhaustion again. Back and forth it keeps swinging.

If you're interested in this swinging, no matter how subtle, it will keep appearing like this unstable swinging of duality because you are the Self and you are the only One, so you decide if the world of dual appearances are interesting or not. It's either the One alone or it's the appearance which is the limitation dual-play of more than the One (Maya since there truly is none other than the One). There is no choice about this.

When you're done and it's no longer interesting then you will be ready, ripe and motivated to keep coming back to the source until nothing remains but the source as your very own Self because you truly will no longer have any other interests; nothing of the world which appears as dual. Not because you say you are not interested but because truly in your heart you are no longer interested in anything else but the Truth of your very own Self.

"Sri Summairu...What if the pain is derived from being in pursuit of the one self; and not that that is caused by chasing after the world... then what?"

No need to be in pursuit of the One Self. Simply be aware of awareness. Aware of awareness is One. Awareness is the One Self.

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