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"Sri Summairu, how come different spiritual teachers talk about awakening differently?"

Most spiritual teachers are expressing their limited human experience of awakening. The sage is not speaking from body experience, which is limited to a particular body and the limited experiences of that body.

The sage is keenly clear that awakening doesn't have anything to do with awakening experiences. The sage will point very directly to the fact that awakening experiences come and go. If it comes and goes then that's not what is being pointed to by the sage.

Most miss the point completely because they are fascinated by awakening experiences. Awakening experiences are distractions and most take the long detours, that could last decades or lifetimes, of being entertained by these insignificant distractions.

The reason why awakening experiences are insignificant is because they do very little to transforming the human being's relationship with itself and the world. At best awakening experiences cause one to be stuck in transcendence without true transformation.

If one is expressing their experience with awakening then they are already coming from a limited human perspective about what awakening is and what it is not.

The truly relevant awakening, the sage awakening, reveals itself as neither an experience, nor a combination of many different awakening experiences, but the single Truth of what actually is and always is, despite what experience is appearing, since the single Truth is always the Truth.

In other words, the single unchanging Self is revealed and that single Truth of the Self doesn't rely on experience to know what is true. The Self is simply always only knowing itself. It's only the body which imagines itself separate that puts so much relevancy on awakening experiences because that's the only way a human being can know what is true, but the Self is not the limited object of the separate human body.

The single Truth of the Self exposes that the Self is not an experience but the only Truth which always is, and therefore cannot appear within an experience since all experiencing is body-based. Body-based experiencing relies on the idea that self is body but self is not world; separation ─ duality.

In other words, the single Truth of the Self exposes what the body and the world actually is which is not two different things but only the Self and thus collapses all ideas about relating to anything other called "body" and "world".

As a result, this is why the true awakening has a direct impact and transformation on the body since the body realizes Self as wholly One and thus neither body nor world. No more ideas about "self as body" and "non-self as world" and no more ideas about trying to get those "two things" to be one since there is only the One Self and no idea about any other things.

There is literally only the Self being known or "this" and "that" appears. Through awakening experiences, many try to connect the seemingly two ideas (body and world) by calling them both the One, but doing so only happens in mind and therefore nothing truly transformational takes place. You cannot connect "this" (body) and "that" (world) together as one. The idea of "this" being a this and "that" being a that, cannot be held, if the single Truth is to expose that only the Self is.

Without the true vision that awakening exposes then awakening will only be an experience which later fades and will not have an instant transformation effect and also a transitional effect as the Self receives itself; soaking in itself.

"Well said/written. Why are there so many seekers and so few transformation. For example, if you read Tolle , it is very simple and intellectually understandable, but few do it, although they sincerely want to, the monk meditating in a cave for years, truly wants or desires this thing but he does not come upon it. Neither intelligence or high birth matter, since the ancients they have said this is the curse of mankind, in the West they say you can only be saved by one man , one way, but nothing changes and wars go on."

Eckhart Tolle is thought to be a person who is teaching about his body's experience and this is why what he shares is imagined to be a teaching; something to be learned like knowledge.

In order for what he is sharing to have an effect, the lover of truth needs to approach him the way Jesus was approached. Jesus was not thought of as a man with a teaching about how to have a better human life. Jesus was the message of God and his message was that there is only God.

If you were devotional to God and not the man then when God says to you that there is only God then you will have absolute faith and trust that there is only God by relating to the whole of the universe as nothing other than God itself. By relating to nothing but God then you hear only God in all that is heard, you see only God in all that is visible, you taste only God in all that is tasted, you feel only God in all that can be felt, you perceive only God in all that is perceived, you experience only God as all that can be experienced.

In other words, despite all the different sounds, sights, tastes, feelings, perspectives and experiences, you don't know those as difference, you only know the undifferentiated single God itself as All-That-Is and all that can ever be.

If you had such a faith and trust through your devotion to God, not the messager, but God's message itself, then that's all that would be required.

So few are interested in seeing it all as God though because that means everything they imagine is not God─they must see only God in that too─and that's not something that the dual mind is interested in.

The ego thrives on the idea of ego; the idea that there is someone else doing the ego other than God. To know God as the only knowledge to be known ─not what God is, how God is, why God is, etc, but just to know God─ is itself the solution to absolutely everything.

Simply, you would naturally no longer be giving energy to any false ideas about ego, evil, ignorance, mind, false self, etc. You would indeed be removing the energy from all the ideas that there is something other or someone other, and as a byproduct, that which is imagined to be the enemy (both inner and outer) will naturally lose energy and dissolve.

You couldn't help but to treat absolutely everything and everybody as God itself. You can imagine the transformation that would have on your inner body and outer world; you can imagine the transformational effect that would have on your relationship with your body and your relationship to the world because all you are knowing is God.

"Would a short reply be Tolle is a fraud? That anyone who fights the ego so much has to be coming from the same source, the ego itself?"

There is no hidden meaning in what I express. The short reply is: there is none other than God.

"@Questioner1, I understand that even talking/teaching from a bodys experience needs to be god. Considering this no fraud can be possible."

Ultimately there is no other than God, but there is one distinction that God knows: God instantly knows if God is not consciously-knowing only God. "I am _____ (insert any idea) is not what God is. God just is; I just Am. Pure Amness. I Am not an idea. Conceptual frameworks about God are the only movements that are false─the belief that God is an idea, and it's instantly known to God when God is knowing only Self as Amness because it's the only falseness, therefore it stands out completely and totally as untruth. Most express on the behalf of ideas and are moved by ideas.

"I do "think" I know what you are pointing at.for me the crucial question is if I can sense that with my conceptual mind or with a "god´s mind". not easy to discern all the time. even if I sense it with god´s mind I still perceive triggers (of conceptual mind) within me working."

Yes. Only the mind is unclear. If the question still remains which one you're sensing from (conceptual mind or God's clarity) then it's safe to say that it's not abiding─and without abidance then the sage would say that nothing significant has taken hold yet. Perseverance with the effective practice is needed for the mind energies to release, dissolving confusion, and revealing God's perfect clarity as the constant.

There is strong historical evidence that Jesus may not have ever existed as a real person and this huge spiritual phenomena has got off track yet seems to be more in line with your ideas rather than an establish hierarchal church, that is largely irrelevant to anything meaningful such as a living god. Still the question remains why has man not evolved spiritual? No doubt the intent , the desire is there. ''Many are called, but few are chosen'', Or as the Eskimos say, ''Many are cold, but few are frozen.''

I'm not using words to state facts about reality but only to point to the simplicity of where the words point. In other words, the point is not if Jesus existed or the ideas that got formed around the message; the point is literally the message itself which is simply: "there is none other than God". That's the only simple truth there is to realize.

Why is it that so few are Self-realized? Because That simple single one Truth, is ignored, over and over again.

"Thanks, but take the last statement one step further, why is Truth ignored over and over? Fear of death and ending? Stupidity? Cowardice? Is the mind programed to ignore things that would hinder its survival?"

Why questions go all the way back to the first cause of the universe. All why questions are essentially asking why is the universe caused.

Yet, the why is resolved when you see what caused it. What caused the universe is the God imagining. In the same manner that human beings imagine the dream state into existence─complete with a dream body and dream universe.

The point of the universe is to realize that you are what is causing it and thus to be as you are, God─I Am, and not what God is imagining; not I am body in universe. Thus, the imagining is known as false. In the same manner that you wake from a dream and know that the entire dream was false.

"How does one come to know God?"

You know that you are. That's all that God knows: I Am.
I only know that I Am. What am I? I Am that I Am.

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  1. "If you were devotional to God and not the man then when God says to you that there is only God then you will have absolute faith and trust that there is only God by relating to the whole of the universe as nothing other than God itself."


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