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I am not concerned about what the mind is thinking or doing; there is only the Self. The mind thinks it has to embody the Self, the mind thinks it's not there yet, the mind works on trying to love what it cannot since it sees through the lens of distortion and separation, the mind tries hard to hold up and keep propping up a false reality.

Realizing the Self, is like being the Tree of Life. It wouldn't matter to you if a branch of the Tree thinks of itself as needing to be more like the Wholeness of the Tree because there is only the Whole of the Tree itSelf. What is a branch when you're being the Wholeness of the Tree?

What a ridiculous notion that the Whole must effort being itself; it's such a insignificant and irrelevant falseness. What does it mean to think in such terms when you truly realize that you are literally the Wholeness itSelf?

That's the key, either Wholeness is realized thoroughly or it's not at all. Being half-baked or half-way there to realizing Wholeness isn't going to cut it. This isn't a game of pretending to get there. In fact, the only game is pretending that you're not already the Whole itSelf; that you are not already what you are.

If we are talking about spiritual maturity then we are not talking about seeing the Fullness of what you already are right here and now. Once you awaken to the Fullness of your Self (which happens in one irreversible instant then it's known to have always been) any maturity that needs to happen, will happen from the Wholeness of the Self, all is given to the Self. There is no game of doing left. The mind and all its play of experience is seen to be the most obvious movement.

You can see that now by not paying attention to the mind. Every time you are not paying attention to the mind then you are being your very own silent Self, which has nothing to do with time; timelessly present.

As soon as you touch the mind again, it will again feel like you are a time-based energy and as if you need more time to be what is always timeless. That's the way the mind works, see it, so that you can stop moving with it and simply be resting as what always is.

When I say "the mind", I am not talking about "your mind" or "my mind", it's the same mind. There are no separate minds. Know your mind and instantly you know all minds everywhere. All minds everywhere will always find excuses or reasons as to why the Self is not present; why the Self is not what you are already.

Pay close attention to this: the mind will endlessly deny that the Self is the only Reality because it cannot authentically hold the reality of itself and simultaneously claim that the Self is the only Reality.

The mind has an inexhaustible amount of ways to pretend that there is something else happening besides the non-event of the already here Self, so when does the game come to a full stop?

The Reality of the Self is pushed away, always in the future; that's simply what the mind does, until there is no energy feeding it, then eventually it doesn't, but you have to stop feeding it first.

The mind is purely an energetic movement, stop giving it energy and it eventually stops moving, naturally and without effort. Yes, you feel exhausted, but in order to simply stop in a full manner, simply let the mind be and it will let you be.

Otherwise, you will keep feeling exhausted but keep running up against inexhaustible ways to keep feeling exhausted. Feeling exhausted is not enough. You must use the motivation of the exhaustion to stop feeding the mind and fall into that which is not minding if exhaustion is appearing since you're not giving it anymore attention.

You didn't ask for the mind. Let the mind go the same way it came, naturally and effortlessly. Let Life take the mind away in the same manner it was given; you need do nothing but rest in just Being. Just Be.

"Just be", "be still" or "keep quiet" is the highest verbal teaching but you have to fully fall into that which is already just being in order to be out of the way of yourself.

Just be and the Truth of Being is effortlessly undoing you; you have nothing to do with it.
Just be.

"I guess I will wait for the Truth to reveal itself?"

Waiting is time. Just be, without a second. Time is a second addition into being. Being requires nothing to be, it is already the case in every circumstance and experience. If something feels like it is waiting for something else, let even that be, give it no energy or weight, it means nothing. Be here.

"By ''giving the mind energy'' do you mean believing it, taking it seriously and following it's dictates? Whereas just being is letting it do this without identifying as mind?"

If you trace the mind back to its source then you see that the mind gets its energy from the source. Giving the mind energy means you're not seeing the source of mind, thus not giving your attention to the source. If the source is given your full attention then the energy is given back to the source and the source reveals itself to be all that exists. The source gives rise to mind, not you. Direct your attention and give energy to the source and the mind will not bother you because it belongs to the source.

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