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Questions about a Ramana Maharshi quote

"Sri Summairu? Please read this quote by Sri Ramana Maharshi then I have some questions about it:
''Questioner: The ego is the one which reincarnates?
Ramana: Yes. But what is reincarnation? The ego remains the same. New bodies appear and hold it. The ego does not change. It does not leave one body, seek and find another.

Just see what happens even to your gross body. Suppose you go to London. How do you do it? You take a conveyance, go to the docks, board the steamer and reach London in a few days. What has happened? The conveyances had moved, but not your body. Still you say that you travelled from one part of the globe to the other part. The movements of the conveyances have been superimposed on your body. Similarly also with your ego. The reincarnations are superimpositions.

For example, what happens in a dream? Do you go to the dream world or does it occur in you? Surely the latter. Just the same with incarnations. The ego remains changeless all along.
— Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 311''
My questions: Is he saying that the ego is eternal and without change? I don't understand this because he speaks very clearly elsewhere that the ego dissolves. Does the ego dissolve or is it eternal and not changing? Are incarnations always being superimposed?

Also, elsewhere he speaks of reincarnation as an illusion but in this quote he is suggesting that reincarnation is real. Can the ego reincarnate as a new body? I ask because elsewhere he also says that reincarnation can only occur here in this life only and only anytime ego is believed?

Sri Ramana Maharshi doesn't say anything about the spirit reincarnating. Does a spirit have anything to do with reincarnation? I always thought it was the spirit that incarnates but how can ego eternally reincarnate? If reincarnation is real then what reincarnates?

Thank you in advance!"

Yes, of course reincarnation happens and is as real as this incarnated life that is happening now.

Yet, a new body can only happen in parallel with the egoic energies, so if the ego is not dissolved when the body dies then a new body appears.

The ego cannot dissolve until the habitual energies and tendencies which make up the egoic movements are dissolved.

In this quote Sri Ramana Maharshi is pointing very clearly to the fact of what does not move and therefore explaining how the ego is superimposed, and thus reincarnations are also superimposed; but those superimpositions will keep appearing as real as this current life, as long as the ego is not dissolved. It is the ego that moves and therefore only the ego can incarnate and reincarnate.

Notice how he is saying "the ego" and not the plural version of one or more. There are no individual egos that reincarnate; there are no individual spirits that reincarnate. What incarnates is the ego through superimposition.

Similarly to how in the dream state the entire dream is your dream alone since it's a projection of your mind alone, and yet you superimpose that you are one character within the dream, but it still appears as if there are many other bodies and other egos because the superimposition of the ego believes that there is more than one incarnation; more than one ego, more than one life, more than one position.

The sage is very clear that their current incarnation is their last life and their last body, and this is absolutely clear when the ego completely dissolves.

Hence, the sage will say from direct knowing of what life is that anytime the ego is active then life will appear to be incarnated because it's realized that life never goes anywhere and keeps appearing eternally in parallel to the ego; as long as the ego is not dissolved.

For the ego, this is good news, but for the sage, the eternal life with saṃsāra cycles, transmigration rebirths and self-identification with dual-world limitations, never truly evolving and restrictive to physical flesh conditions is like a dark corner of God's-imagination. As if God needs to limit itself to such conditions.

As if the human being in its limited dual world is the best that God can do. The sage, fully knowing what they are as unlimited freedom, prefers the infinite potential of unmanifested existence to such limited ways of being.

What reincarnates is this attachment to the dual-world life and the desire to keep identifying Self as a human being. That attachment and desire is what makes up the energetic tendencies and habitual pulls of the ego. The ego is only interested in all things having to do with the human experience.

Everyone wants to evolve as humans, you know? Evolve emotionally and mentally, sexually and physically, evolve intellectually, intuitions and creative abilities. Mainly because human is what most identify with. It's all the ego knows and therefore all the ego desires. Humans want to break free from the human limitations and hopefully also break free from the limitations of the world.

The main question comes down to this: Will consciousness keep choosing limitation as long as there is a hope for a better consciously-evolved future? And if so, how much limitation will it tolerate before it breaks free into the realization that it's already anything it can evolve into?

When you actually consciously-evolve, you realize that this has already played out. As unlimited consciousness, you have already played out every potential there is possible to play out. This is not happening in real-time. It's preordained, despite which choice you choose, both alternatives of all choices ever chosen, have already been chosen, you see?

You're everywhere, as everybody and everything, in all times and places. You have no limitations. This isn't designed for you to evolve the limitations until something less limiting is reached, but to realize that you are already beyond limitations and need no evolution to be what you already are. What you are is not interested because it has no need for this, but you are the source, so you decide if this human-mind-world fascinates you or not.

If you're no longer fascinated by it then go back the way you came and do the practice that the sage suggests until you abide as what you are. Abidance is required and can only introduce itself when the egoic energies dissolve through perseverance and vigilance of the practice.

"As long as we are in a body we need an ego as.a driver. If one manages to lose their ego, while still in the body, the we need a lot of sub. drivers, servants, nurses, maids, cooks, etc. A prison or a hospital or an ashram are the best places to be without one. One needs that supportive staff or to die and leave that body suit behind."

A flower has no ego and it still follows the sun and soaks water up from the ground into the roots to feed itself. The flower still functions intelligently without the idea of "I am this flower".

As Ramana Maharshi pointed: "The inner silence is self-surrender. And that is living without the sense of ego."

"I presume from this writing, that those who lose their ego while still alive do not reincarnate?"


"What is the practice​?"

For a detailed effective practice, and what to expect from the practice, see the following post: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AWARENESS ONLY AWARE OF ITSELF

" "But how can the ego be eternal?"

It draws its energy from the eternal source."

"So everything is eternal?"

Only the source is eternal. Ego only appears eternal due to the source not being realized as Self. If Self is imagined to be ego then Self keeps appearing as ego.

Anything that can change is not eternal. Ego cannot change. Ego is changeless, but is superimposed over that which is constantly changing. Without change ego cannot stand alone, thus ego needs change. Hence, to be the source which is changeless, the ego's energy is removed from ego, dissolving ego, revealing the eternal source which was eternally playing as ego based on imagining ego as Self.

"Anything that can change is not eternal. Ego cannot change. Ego is changeless, but is superimposed over that which is constantly changing. Without change ego cannot stand alone, thus ego needs change. Hence, to be the source which is changeless, the ego's energy is removed from ego, dissolving ego, revealing the eternal source which was eternally playing as ego based on imagining ego as Self."

In the same likeness that you would step out of a dream by realizing that it's a dream state. The wake state is created by the same exact mind that is dreaming the dream state. A rush of consciousness and an entire world appears in both the dream state and wake state alike. To die before the body dies is to realize that one billion dreams appear and disappear in the imagination of the mind alone. What dies when a dream state appears and then disappears upon waking? The wake state is no different.

"Why do we sleep? Scientist still don't know.....some people don't sleep at all and show no damage....some people only sleep 20 minutes."

Sleep is needed only for the mind. The mind holds all these ideas about differences, comparing, separation, bodies, limitations, world, etc, and eventually drops all the ideas and in that dropping of ideas, what appears eventually is the deep sleep state, the natural state of all, where no ideas are being held. The mind needs rest because it's not natural to keep propping up a false reality with no inherent existence other than that of God.

"So,it is for renewal?"

It's to reveal that the existence of mind doesn't exist when it's not feeding itself with ideas about existence.

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