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Overwhelming Energy? Awaken Beyond the Body By Going Through the Body ~Summairu

Whether kundalini is flooding your system or the energy of the heart breaking open and forcing you to be as sensitive as an open wound, raw, exposed, vulnerable, humble and naked; or perhaps you're facing an unbearable Dark Night of the Soul─the purpose of these awakening energies is to overflow the system of the body-container with such an intensity that you give up control completely and drown into the energy.

When the body knows that it's drowning, and that none of the struggle is going to keep it afloat, then the body relaxes completely, without anymore struggle or resistance. The body is so utterly relaxed that the nervous system is no longer in fight or flight mode.

Those who have had near-death-experiences know that a type of serenity fills your being, when the struggle completely stops. A stillness that is so utterly calm that whatever was overflowing the system with energy begins to overflow outside of the container of the body.

That's the purpose of the energy, to fill the system of the body up to the brim, overflowing the whole of the container with hyper-sensitivity, overwhelming the container to the point of breaking.

However, instead of the container breaking, what is revealed in that instant is that all the unbearable energy that the body contracted around in order to protect the container (since the body imagined that the only reality to its existence was that of the body container), was actually happening within such a vast expanded silence.

The expansion of this vast silence is so unimaginably bigger than the body that the body which felt that it was being overwhelmed by energy was actually a tiny grain of sand within the vastness of the universe and beyond. That energy, which expands in every direction everywhere as everything cannot be contained within a body. It reveals that the body and all its trials and problems are actually irrelevant.

When at first the body seemed numb, non-empathic, like a hard protective wall, defensive against hurt and pain; not feeling much at all in comparison to this energy that begins to flood the protective defensiveness, and floods the system with overwhelming sensitivity─turns out to be overflowing beyond the body and reveals that the energy is actually neither coming nor going.

Energy doesn't actually move around in the body, energy has no container. To the body it feels like turbulent moving energy because the body is trying to hold the energy back and control it. Energy to this vast expanded stillness is no movement at all, instead it is the source that is the energy from which to itself is not moving.

Only when you feel and sense this, neither coming nor going, does this have a transformational effect on the body, relaxing the body completely and stopping the fight or flight reactions from the deep inner core within the body itself.

Only then can you truly say that everything simply flows through you. Literally everything is similar to a passing cloud in the sky and you as the sky remain neither coming nor going─this is undisturbed peace.

Such an undisturbed peace is not revealed as abiding until the entire system of the body is completely full of an energy that drowns the system of the body. By drowning the body only then is it revealed that there is an unfathomable vastness that expands past human comprehension, which destroys all the ideas that being human is relevant or significant; or that the body feeling intense energies matters. Despite what energies seem to appear, it doesn't feel like a problem.

The human experience is such a blink of an eye in the timelessness, a grain of sand in the infinite. It's such a tiny portion of experience that coming in contact with the vast expanded stillness is like awakening from a dream.

No dream is as significant or relevant as the mind makes it out to be. You are the universe and beyond the universe. You designed this life, not to enjoy yourself as a body, but to awaken out of the body by moving through the body, which reveals what is not the body. To see the limitation of the body and therefore have no desire or attachment to the energy of the body which keeps supplying new bodies to identify with.

Hear this: Nobody has a truly significant awakening, beyond the body, without first going through the body. Also, nobody who has truly had a significant awakening through the body will then claim the body as anything more important than a dream-body.

To see the body as a dream-body through a true-realization is not a denial of the body, but a profound undisturbed peace about the body, what the body feels and what the body experiences. A sense of no problem with anything. All is well.

It scares you to be confronted with the idea of being uncomfortable, out of control, overwhelmed and overly-sensitive; you fear awakening through the body because you deeply believe that you are the body. You keep coming back to the body because you fear that you're going to die when the body dies.

You have had thousands of new bodies, born again and die again, yet you remain, so the fear is unsound, yet such an attachment only keeps the energy of the body-idea in place, causing the energy that is imagined to be within the body to keep supplying new bodies. You must awaken out of the body by going through the body.

You feared a thousand deaths, and you will fear a thousand more, unless you drown into the sensitivity that is life. Life is not here for your happiness, your pleasure, your enjoyment; life is dual, pain and suffering because the body is a sensory organ and extremely sensitive to all senses. The body is extremely fragile. All five senses are but abstract feelings that flood the body with energy. Let it all completely in.

Feel all the senses and the energies within your inner and outer environment. Let the body system drown in any and all present energies and see directly that the body is not a container but the body is within that which doesn't have a container.

"Excellent post. Can you clarify somethings brought up in your article? You mentioned the near death experience. If this is real, does the ego remain in the warm light, or does it become one with the universe? You mentioned multiple bodies, so are you saying reincarnation is a fact that happens to every soul, or is it just a phenomena that may happen to certain bodies?"

I realize that a can of worms is going to be opened by answering this question, so keep in mind that I am not talking about theory. What I am going to say will sound like ideas which are impossible for any human being to know, and in that sense, it's true, that if a mind is identified as only a human being body then that body will not know and cannot know what is going to be described here. The body has to become empty of knowing and the revealing of what is not contained within the body has to abide as itself in order to reveal to itself what it already knows.

Near-death-experiences are no different than a different state of mind. Wake state is a state of the same mind. Dream state is a state of the same mind. Mind is constantly shifting from one state to another state and it matters not the state because it's all mind states.

Most are aware of the three states (wake state, dream state and deep sleep state) but there is also a state of mind that could be called "spirit state" which appears when the body dies in the wake state.

In the same manner that if the dream body dies in the dream state then the wake state appears because the mind needs some form to identify with in order for anything to appear.

Mind is not in the body. The body is in the mind. When the body dies, the mind does not. Mind is anything and everything that appears to you. Mind is not known in the deep sleep state but only because the mind is more or less not moving (it's still a state of mind though because it does subtlety move but only in manners which it cannot register itself).

Pre-reincarnation (after the death of the body) and near-death-experiences both happen in the spirit state. The spirit state leads to this particular wake state with a new body appearing in the mind because the mind is only interested, attached to and desires states.

The way I am using the word mind here, is what most sense as God the Creator, but in the deepest sense, God is collective-mind. The collective of all that has ever happened in the history of the universe, collectively knowing, recalling, and playing out all forms and all times.

The spirit state, like the dream state is less dense than the wake state, but unlike the dream state has more consistency, much like the wake state.

The spirit state always leads back to the wake state in the same manner that the dream state always leads back to the wake state. Which is what most refer to as reincarnation, but it's just mind states. There is nothing that reincarnates. Not a spirit, not a soul, there is really only one mind and everyone knows that one mind in the same way that everyone knows of the dream state being their dream state; the wake state is also of one mind and it's only yours meaning you are the collective mind itself (not you as ego-body but you as being empty of ego-body).

Most are fascinated by the spirit state because the deeper mind knows that it feels more real than the wake state, in the same manner that the dream state feels less real than the wake state. The mind is drawn to states which feel more real but actually nothing is more real or unreal because it's all mind, equally and undifferentiated, just mind. All you need to know about the spirit state is that it's mind.

Just like shifting from the dream state to the wake state, most rarely remember the dream states, so too, with no active memory the spirit state is not remembered but is collectively known. There is a way to recall it but you need to know mind from this which is not mind, thus realizing that memories are not in the brain but of the mind which is not in neither the brain nor the body. Memories are held in the collective mind, which is what all minds are but since it's imagined to be an individual mind then it's limited to individual ideas based only on individual body experiences.

Since there is only one mind, the mind cannot actually reincarnate or go anywhere. It's a holding of information collected from what is imagined to be individual minds but since there are no individual minds, the collective mind isn't getting its information from individual minds but from itself alone. God's-imagination. Reincarnation is simply God imagining that it is an individual mind and thus shifting from the spirit world with its spirit-body (spirit state) into the wake state with its wake-body. Nothing is actually happening. What appears to be happening, is appearing that way based on the same thing that is happening now; individual-body-identification.

Truly realized beings, of this nature, without individual-body-identification, are no longer stuck believing in the limitation, thus why such information can be revealed, but the limitations still appear and the body is not dropped because the wake state doesn't shift without the body dying in the wake state. Having already died before the body dropped, there is no problem with it appearing as limitation, though it doesn't define nor align with what is known, therefore a sage-realized being (of the highest order) is happy to see the body expire because absolutely all limitations are then removed.

When you see this game, that the mind is playing, always projecting the idea of a body to identify with in order to project a state of mind. Then you stop being interested in states of mind, therefore not interested in the body that the mind is identifying with because it's not true.

Similarly, you don't care what dream-body is there in the dream state. You don't mind that the dream-body disappears, as if it never existed, when the wake state appears. In a similar fashion, you don't really care what happens to the wake state body ultimately because you have been through this many times, many different bodies.

You have had thousands of dreams with dream-bodies to identify with and what did it add up to? Where did you actually go? Did the dreams add anything to you? Was anything taken away when the dream disappeared? Nope. It's a game, a play.

And to this that is not interested in mind states and whatever body appears for the state to be, it's simply not interested in playing games. It loves itself alone. The source of the play is only interested in the source and not playing games with itself.

So of course, as long as the idea of an individual mind interests you then you are free to keep playing this game, but you will keep running into these same limitations.

The point of this limiting wake state is to awaken you out of it and you cannot get out of the loop of keeping to be in these ever-changing looping-states because when you identify with individual mind then you are limited to the states of that mind and the limited states in which the mind can shift in and out of.

Even still, identified or not, your highest access is limited to the collective mind which is revealed in the spirit state and appears as an overwhelming bliss, a knowing of all knowledge that there is to know without words, the ability to experience any experience as directly as it's your own, etc, but all this knowledge and all these experiences are based on the wake state and because the mind has to keep moving, you cannot remain in the spirit state.

What is beyond the wake state and the collective mind (spirit state) of the whole history of the wake state is beyond mind comprehension. The mind calls it non-existence, void, nothingness, blankness, or absolute death but it's not that; it's just not mind and the limitations of mind to understand or know.

As a result, the mind hangs onto this universe, as if it's a physical universe made of matter, in order that it can remain here experiencing and knowing something. Playing in the projection of itself.

Yes, there's suffering and pain, limitations of flesh and heartbreaking sorrow, unbearable darkness and violence, but at least it's familiar with this; at least it is here baring witness to what appears as an existence to experience in: "Hey, it's not all that bad. The other side of the duality is good stuff." so the mind says.

The mind wants mind, it will convince itself that this is all it has; itself, and in a sense, it's true. The mind can only experience and know itself. God which is no longer imagining, doesn't use imagination (the mind) to know itself; it reveals to itself what is beyond the collective mind (i.e. beyond spirit state), which no mind can come in contact with.

This wake state will always appear with the dual-world limitations and restrictive physical flesh conditions. There is no such thing as utopia in a dual-world, no matter how much light appears, the dark will eventually come in swinging the appearance in the other direction.

Evolution isn't really a slow process, it's an illusion of progress. To consciously-evolve, to the evolution of a realized-sage, is to discover this which wasn't evolving through the dual-world and form, but was using the dual-world of form to consciously awaken to what it already is, thus not needing the dual-world to evolve, finding undisturbed peace with it, since it's not at all what it appears to be.

Instead duality is used for the design which it was intended. The point is to awaken beyond the collective states of mind. All the states: wake state, dream state, spirit state and even deep sleep state (which is the mind resting from itself) are the same mind; under the same umbrella and moves in a looping-ever-circle along the path of these limited states because the mind doesn't know of anything else beyond itself, unless there is an awakening to this which is not mind nor collective mind nor stuck in an endless loop of the limited aspect of God's-imagination.

"Thank you Sri Summa! Much clarity. When you were still seeking, and using various techniques and methods, how did you apply this understanding that you have now?"

The only significant understanding, that has any relevance; that leads to what is spoken about here in these comments, is what I call "irreversible God-realization" (or what many of the older and highly respectable sages call Self-realization). If it's not irreversible then it will not have the transformational effect needed to completely dissolve all energetic movements towards mind.

Many can speak of Self-realization but abiding as That Self is vastly different than when it's not and when it's not abiding then it will be distorted because the energy of the mind is still drawn to itself in convincing ways, which play on truth in deceptive ways that go unnoticed.

The truth is that only the sage is clear about all the deception, because the mind is dead of energetic movements, and those who speak without the sage's clarity cannot help themselves but to speak from the mind's deception.

The power of the sage is that they are speaking from that which is fully awake. It was never about the words. The sage can talk about the weather and inspire awakefulness because they are the embodiment of that awakefulness of abiding Self-realization.

Hence, first be clear that there is a realization that once realized will instantly abide and anything else that is not that abiding realization is false; distorted mind states, spiritual experiences, rubbing against and touching truth through the filter of mind, brief and limited understandings, realizations and insights, etc, none of this has any significance; no matter how profound or deep it feels.

As a result, in honor of abiding Self-realization, the sage sees quite clearly that the energetic tendencies of mind is the only movement that distorts the always and already abiding Self-realization, and thus prescribes effective practices to remove the energy from the habitual tendencies of mind and bring that energy back to, and focused on; the Self.

These effective practices if done with earnestness, consistent perseverance and vigilance will always unfold the result without fail. These practices are really the same practice described in many different ways but is actually the same prescription.

One way to describe the practice is be aware of awareness watching awareness. If understood correctly, this will start out as similar to a deep meditation because you need to focus all your energy and attention on awareness watching awareness. If the mind starts thinking, bring the energy back to awareness watching awareness. The more you do this, the more you are able to abide in awareness watching awareness without the mind disturbing you.

Do this practice until awareness abides only knowing itself alone which means the mind will not have any energetic pull. A type of natural silence of awareness watching awareness will become your default. When it does, you will be able to walk around and do other activities without mind coming on your radar.

The reason this needs to be done with consistent perseverance is because the mind will not like it and will convince you that you don't need to do it or cannot do it, or it will express that it's impossible for awareness to abide watching awareness without mind. The mind will fall asleep, The mind will cause anxiety in the body and an extreme fear of death at some points, your body will become sensitive to the world and you will notice that you cry over the simplest things as if they are devastations, etc, yet you must preserve forward, despite what mind says and despite what the body goes through.

Vigilance is needed because you may experience blissful states, strange positions of being outside of the body, sensations that everything is yourself, a sense that there is no you, beauty being reflected everywhere, a sense that everything is illusory, a knowing that there is only Love, an absorption or samadhi, a sense that everything is spontaneously happening effortlessly without a sense of self, the knowing that everything is truth, a sense that everything is in its absolute perfection of constant grace, etc, don't get fascinated by these states. These states always come and go, they are not what you're looking for.

Earnestness is needed because many stop with the practice prematurely because they are happy with a relative peace of knowing certain states of mind which comfort the mind. The mind will stop minding if it gets pulled into inner or outer conflict because it's happy with a relative freedom. Don't let this be you or there will be more lifetimes to be had.

Only a true lover of truth and nothing else but truth, despite what truth ends up looking like, will have the earnestness it takes to be true to the Truth's vision, which is abiding as One without a second─you will know it by undisturbed and unchanging peace; the collapse of both inner and outer conflict.

Effort towards this practice is absolutely required for all, if they are not interested in many lifetimes of trying to figure all of this out. There are no such things as different paths to awakening. Nobody awakens to this significant Self-realization without coming to it in the direct way. There's no such thing as different awakenings to irreversible Self-realization. It's the same realization every single time because it's a timeless realization.

No realized-being (which sees clearly that the abiding of Self-realization holds the only significant and relevant realization needed), has seen the result without effective practice. If a realized-being discovered irreversible Self-realization without effort towards practice then it was done in previous lifetimes. No sage will say any different because there is only one sage which awakens through many different bodies having the same message from that same one voice.

"How did 'you' come to 'experience' all this guru techniques? Amazing! How did this happen to you, how did you come across these guru techniques?"

I was watching a video from Buddha at the Gas Pump with David Godman, saying that Ramana Maharshi knew that it is illogical to say that there is no objective world but there is not.

Upon hearing that, I realized what Ramana meant when he said "Everything is the Self" and in that moment the energetic I of the ego was dissolved and only the Self remained abiding.

It wasn't a spiritual experience or anything remarkable, just a simple clear seeing and a devotion to Ramana's sage words that he was speaking the Truth.

Nothing else was required. It was just that One simple Truth alone, which struck so deep that there wasn't anything to neither remember nor forget, all words fell away, and silence took over from that point forward. The rest came effortlessly without any desire.

"Unfortunately it is difficult and most often impossible to know where one was prior to such a realization, and where one is after. You may have been very awakened prior to, or not awakened at all. So it is all relative. ''I realized what Ramana meant when is said Everything is the Self''. This can be a rather early realization...after which one shifts to being both of and out of this world. Seeing and feeling that fundamentally one animates the Self. Can you elaborate if anything happened prior?"

In 2009, I watch a short Adyashanti video on YouTube this began a conceptual mind journey which in hindsight had nothing to do with the sage's pointers at all; not even close. Completely irrelevant.

In 2013, I watch the David Godman interview which was the absolute end of mind. Everything prior to the David Godman interview, including before the Adyashanti video, which was my whole life─was completely a conceptual existence. Everything after the David Godman interview was the non-event of the Self which revealed that there was only the Self alone which doesn't conceptualize and thus was only ever knowing Self. Hence, a non-event. Nothing happened but the reveal of what unchangingly was and always is.

It's the non-event of the Self that is alone the only realization that has any significance, everything prior to that was unrelated and not helpful at all to what was revealed in the non-event Self realization.

Many on the path, have a lot of non-dual knowledge, spiritual experiences and awakening events, but few have the irreversible realization and non-event of Self-realization. And without that, all your knowledge, spiritual experiences and awakening events are useless; no matter how profound they seem or how life changing they are. The spiritual non-dual mind path is absolutely insignificant to the sage's clear seeing.

To see from the sage's crystal clear seeing, you would have to break down completely the mind tendencies and habitual addictions to feeding the mind, otherwise the always and already abidance of the Self will be unclear and distorted by mind.

Hence, why the practices are given with the instructions to be earnestly persevering with vigilance towards the practice until abidance. It's the only way the Self reveals itself as irreversible and abiding as itself alone.

No sage had the instant and spontaneous irreversible Self abidance without consistent practice until abidance. That's the only effort ever needed and is required for absolutely everybody. If abidance was revealed effortlessly without perseverance in the effort to practice, then that persevering effort was done in prior lives. Nobody is introduced to the irreversible Self without perseverance to practicing awareness watching itself (i.e. I Amness; the Self).

This is also why the sage's pointers do not speak about a path or journey, it's completely illusory and absolutely nonsense to the sage's seeing. The illusory awakening path, and fictional non-dual spiritual journey, doesn't even come close to what is being pointed to; all paths and journeys are all absolutely conceptual.

The whole pretense of awakening, journeys and paths is based on the idea that the Self isn't the only One and therefore can change from non-self to Self (as if there are two selves). The Self is unchanging because it is alone only realizing Self, everything else is an idea of mind which appears convincing in the same way that dream states appear convincing.

Although it's realized that it absolutely feels profound and is directly experienced as extremely profound and intimate truths that seem to be life changing─even still it is insignificant and irrelevant. Misses the mark completely. At best it makes for a life-changing better dream which doesn't result in the ending of mind which goes on creating more lifetimes of trying to have better dreams.

Nobody likes to hear that since it leaves most everybody out, but that's the truth. Either you do the practice until abidance (which means until the mind energies are completely removed) or you deceive yourself completely by way of how the sage understands mind to be, and there is no in between.

You are either the Awakefulness itSelf or completely misunderstanding and calling your misunderstanding of spiritual experiences, direct seeings of truth, and awakening-events as deeply profound significant truths. Yet, nothing is significant about these type of "truths" because they are mind-based and mind-driven. Despite how much these truths have changed your life, they are not transformational enough to reveal what the sage is embodying.

To embody what the sage is embodying, which happens after irreversible abidance as Self alone, is the only true transformational realization. There is no awakening as a verb and certainly no noun; true awakening is a complete irreversible non-event and can only happen when the mind is dead of energetic pull.

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