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No body nor mind could want what I am ~Summairu

Concepts can only play on other concepts. I don't know nor experience anything but concepts. I see all of it equally since all concepts are equally undifferentiated.

Mind which is the root concept, from which all other concepts stem, is itself the only concept. It means nothing. Concept is empty. I see it because I am non-conceptual. I cannot think to myself nor think of myself.

I am neither mysterious nor unfathomable, I am simply beyond human comprehension. I am beyond the capacity of human knowledge, and mind understanding, which only knows and understands concepts. I am lifeless and deathless. I am eternal deep dreamless sleep. No body nor mind could want what I am.

"I have a question Summairu. Edward Musika (not sure if you know him) wrote a long post starting out with quoting Suzuki Roshi saying Awakening is boring. And then talked about many spiritual teachers engaging sexually with their students perhaps to alleviate the boredom amongst other things. My question is. Have you ever found Awakening to be boring?"

What can be bored but a mind that seeks entertainment and drama. To know what you are is to know perfect peace. Peace is not boring if it's deeply soaking in itself. Peace becomes boring when it's a concept.

If the mind holds peace as a concept then peace is empty of true essence. It's concepts that are boring. The mind will never be satisfied with truth because in the purest Truth there is no mind (no concepts to play in). No mind has ever known the Truth I am.

As a part of an awakening process, there is an awakening stage where many do get extremely bored of non-dual spiritual truths, but only because they have yet to abide in the Truth alone and instead are knowing a framework of conceptual ideas about truth.

Why spiritual teachers engage sexually with their students is none of my business, all of that belongs to the business and busyness of concepts. It's a distraction for the mind to keep itself entertained with ideas.

First awaken to your Self as Truth alone then you can play in these concepts, if they still interest you. The confusion you are experiencing now about these things will be completely resolved when only Truth is standing as itself alone. Be dedicated and devoted to Truth alone and Truth will do the rest.

"@Questioner1, more specifically, Ed spoke of becoming so empty as to become 'dry' juice...flat. Wetness, unity, intimacy, may feel more nourishing. After all, enlightened or not, we are all human-beings."

The problem is that the sage isn't pointing to anything neither dry, numb, dead, flat, nor non-aliveness, but when the pointers are intellectually understood then it eventually becomes quite dry with no juice at all.

Thus, intimacy, vulnerability, humbleness, connectedness, oneness, unity and being an alive present human being that embraces the whole of life is the natural direction which is needed if you're conceptualizing what the sage is pointing to.

This seems extremely common while on the path of any awakening to non-dual spiritually within today's modern movements. Most everyone will agree that they have encountered this type of unfoldment. Most will even say that the unfoldment is endless and that there is no done point to what can be revealed, yet, even still, this type of unity-consciousness is as far as they can go with their current understanding.

They cannot go back to the sage's message because they will assume that the sage is talking about this transcendent untouched awareness which isn't human, therefore is lacking intimacy and aliveness; assuming that the sage is pointing to an Absolute view.

It's a stuck-point that very few will see themselves out of because it will look as if deeper wisdom, maturity, integration, embodiment, understandings, etc, are constantly unfolding.

They may even feel as if they are presence itself which is enjoying this process in progressing to a no-end and no-resolve ever-unfoldment; as if the point is to enjoy this never-ending growth in consciousness.

And similar to all stuck-points, most don't even notice that this is a stuck-point, and even if they noticed, they would have absolutely no clarity about how to even begin to see through this blindspot, hence why most just stay stuck. You don't even hear anybody talking about what comes next after unity-consciousness.

So, you have this delusion that the whole idea is to be free to roam about in life through unity-consciousness and enjoying the field of celebration and play; allowing what is to be, being free enough to hold nothing back, allowing your heart to break open enough to hold the world and be socially active in helping consciousness to expanded and evolve.

Meanwhile, not realizing that they are indeed sealing their own fate into doing exactly that, in the pretense of a never-ending unfoldment for lifetimes after lifetimes, in this dual world which swings from light to darkness again, never actually consciously-evolving as a whole, as imagined will happen. This isn't designed for the whole of consciousness to expand together as one-human-consciousness moving in unity for the whole of the collective-humanity.

This is designed for exactly what the sage is pointing to, which isn't what most everyone assumes those pointers are pointing to. If you realized what the sage was pointing to then you would literally be the voice of the sage, which is one timeless voice. The voice of Pure Awareness only knowing itself alone.

There is a reason why the sage's pointers are timeless. There is a reason why the sage doesn't speak about a progress or journey. There is a reason the sage never mentioned embodiment. There is a reason why the sage doesn't clearly say "just enjoy life best you can and you will be free when you die". There is a reason why the sage speaks very clearly about reincarnation. There is a reason why the sage is not interested in solving problems of worldly matters. There is a reason why the sage is not a social activist. There is reason why the sage seems to only be pointing to the same one truth over and over again with many different pointers.

If you are a devotee of Truth and nothing but Truth alone, then you must stop assuming that you know what those reasons are. You must be as clear as the sage, if you are to truly receive the sage's message, and only then will you find the resolve which answers all confusions about the reasons behind the sage's message.

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