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Life is not here for your enjoyment and happiness ~Summairu

Temporary enjoyment is an aspect of life because life appears as duality, so the opposite will come sooner or later. Nothing lasts. The purpose of life is not the temporary enjoyment of life, but to discover the undisturbed joy that doesn't come and go with time; that which doesn't enter the stream of time, duality and limitation.

The sage has always said to discover that which is not interested in the comings and goings of life. Do you really believe that the temporary enjoyment of life is as good as it gets? Life is not here for your enjoyment and happiness. Is this not obvious yet? Life is here to awakening you from the pull into samsara.

Life is here for you to die before you die and thus realize that which was habitually addicted to the tendencies of being born into limitation. When you realize the Life you are then you also realize that it's eternal. You believe it appears because a body was born and that it wasn't your doing, but it actually appears because you are interested in it appearing. If you're no longer interested then face your death in every moment until you dissolve the habitual addiction to the life of limitation.

Those who have trust in the sage will not waste their life trying to enjoy temporary comings and goings. You have been told over and over again that as long as you are interested in the life of duality then there is an ever-looping cycle which appears as lifetime after lifetime of ways to endlessly play out what you're interested in.

"But once you have aligned with the deepest Will of the Awareness and yourself with the body of the cosmic ocean, isn't it right to go back to the samsaric flow to enjoy and taste it's deepest mystery (samsara being a product of the absolute Awareness, after all) while firmly anchored to the absolute Truth of the absolute Awareness? Being and playing like a wave is no crime once you have known that the wave itself is nothing but the ocean! What do you say Sri Summa?"

That seems to be the common modern non-dual way. God only knows of God's-imaginings to be no different than God itself, thus God is interested in form and creation; interested in reincarnating in and as each form for Love of itself and all its forms. It keeps coming back for itself; for the Love of itself.

God is in Love with itself and is interested in experiencing itself in endless varieties of potentialities within the limitations of this field. And if that is what you're aligned with and that's what interests you then there is no end to that infinite dual-limitation-field of newness and fresh ever-unfolding play of dual-world-evolution. Playing it as if it is new. As if you have never known this before.

Only when that which is prior to God, and even prior to Love, is revealed, does that play become uninteresting. The prior to God seems useless and irrelevant, to God-realization, like existing as non-existence forevermore.

Very few realize what That is or why That which is existing prior to existence and prior to non-existence could offer anything. What would one receive out of that and what would be the point? That's like the deep sleep state forever. Who could ever want that?

Too many want to be entertained and play the game of insignificant-progress and dual-conscious-evolution because at least it's something; at least God is knowing God's Self. Most believe established utopia is where conscious-evolution is leading because they misunderstand what this is (you cannot establish what is static and constantly changing; what gets established will become unestablished through the play of duality and time). They don't see that dual play cannot be established as utopia because the opposite of utopia swings back into existence. Nothing stays established in the dual field. Dark and light has its play at the root of duality and there is no getting around that. They think there is an outside world that evolves with consciousness.

Actually, conscious-evolution, when truly evolved, leads to a nondual-consciousness which surpasses the need for dual-world-evolution because what consciousness is, is already, whatever the world could evolve into. Simply because the world you see is nothing but consciousness itself. You discover that you are already everything, everywhere, in all times and all places, all dual-worldly-possibilities are in play right now. You played it out already.

It's irreverent to play something that you been playing out, in time, for eternity. Most ask, what is the point of the Absolute where nothing is happening? Surely this was created to be experienced, enjoyed as entertainment, playful as a game? Hence, I say, as long as you're interested then it continues.

You cannot know the benefit of That which is prior to conscious-evolution if you don't first be That which is prior. Only when it's revealed do you see that "the deep sleep state forevermore" wasn't how that is imagined. It's actually just beyond human comprehension, dead mind, and therefore it's not about humans in the world evolving. It's about seeing what you are beyond the human limitation to comprehend an existence which cannot be conceived by the human intelligence.

Hence, I say, as long as you're interested in this world, which will always appear dual, then the world continues to appear as if it's slowly getting better through evolution but it will go nowhere significant because the swinging always goes the other way to the opposite of better. It's not designed for utopia; this is not your home, but if you believe that you are here to help it evolve, as a limited human being, doing your part, then you will keep doing the reincarnation cycles for the Love of that play and for the Love to reincarnate into something which aligns with your inner desires, attachments, wants, worldly gain, expectations, etc.

The point is to consciously-evolve beyond the need for the physical world to evolve. You must see through and through that you are not the body, not the mind, not the world. Nothing is as it appears. All appearance of change is insignificance because it's not designed for you to get comfortable here; it's not your home. Only the sage can lead you home.

"Yes.But all said and done, we need not interfere in the process of the ocean playing out its infinite waves on its surface!
Or do we ask the ocean to keep itself confined only to its inner serenity, silence and seriousness, banning all its waves?"


"Sri Summairu, ironically when you say ''... it's not designed for you to get comfortable here; it's not your home.'', pass this understanding, there is a getting 'comfortable' with the eternal playing from a 'deeper place'?"

In God-realization as Self, it's much more comfortable to be the eternal playing, yes naturally, and an enjoyment to experience God everywhere as everything and everyone. It's quite blissful and it can get into states of profound peace because everything is you and yours.

It's quite curious of itself and deeply fascinating to touch itself in a constant manner. There is no real need to understand anything since everything is understood to be God, equally and undifferentiated, but there's an enjoyment in the play of expression and the experience of constantly playing.

However, sage-realization, not so much. There's a peace with however it appears but mainly because you're not interested in how it appears. You're willing to die at a moments notice, maybe even welcome it. Some sages may even just sit there in silence, unmoving, waiting for the body to die. Similar to an old man who has had enough, because you know that you're not needed nor are you really playing in it.

Hence, in the deeper depths of the Absolute, dying before you die is quite a literal expression. What appears is dead to you, even the body and mind is dead to you; it's like an animated corpse that you have no interest in. Doesn't sound so comfortable or desirable to most but there's no ideas about it that come on the radar, so there's nothing to experience anything about it.

"Sri Summairu... Can you please offer an example of 'facing your death in every moment.' What does that entail? Are you speaking along the lines of being vigilant and oblivious to what appears (pleasurable or non-pleasurable)? Or, taking action, in eradicating what may pose as an obstacle in the way?"

What would be taken away at death? Go through, touching each aspect of your being and register each part consciously then ask: "Will this be gone at death?". Sight, hearing, taste, touch, feelings, thoughts, sensations, perspectives, knowledge, understandings, beliefs, ideas, opinions, what you value, the mind, the world, the body, experience itself... what remains?

Don't answer the "What remains?" question. At death, there is no answer to that question because there is nobody to answer it. Instead, realize that death to the body, and everything that death takes away, can happen at any moment. Lives are taken away without notice. The whole world could be struck with a meteor at any moment, a nuclear explosions could wipe out the entire human existence, you could be in a fatal vehicle accident, you could die of unknown causes, etc, whatever the cause, the potential and possibility of your death could happen even in the next second of your present living life. Take this deeply into consideration and simply meet death before it comes for you.

You meet it by accepting your death, anytime the mind is trying to convince you that something is important and serious. How important can it be, since your death will immediately take it away?

Arrive at your death every time a stressful thought is believed. Arrive at your death every time a feeling feels utterly convincing, as if the feeling is proof and evidence that what is felt is real. You're not waiting for death to take it all away, you're admitting that upon death nothing is important nor serious, because it's not here in death and it will not matter in death so why is it mattering to you now? Nothing is going anywhere. It's all taken away at death, never to get it back, as if it never happened. You leave no trace.

Like a dream, it fades away so quickly, as if the dream never happened, upon waking up. Meeting death, before you die, is like waking up from a dream. You hold everything in a light regard because none of it is what the mind makes it out to be.

You meet your own death enough and at some point, you realize what doesn't die. You're not actually dying before you die, there truly is nothing there living, thus death has already happened since nothing is born inside that body, you were not born at all. Nothing was actually incarnated. That body is animated by an Ineffable which is beyond birth and death. Nothing is actually born nor does it die since there is nothing there to do either. It's an empty shell.

To meet death before you die, will eventually reveal even a break in the empty shell and collapse the idea that anything is happening; nothing ever happened.

Hence, you reside as similar to that which is here in the deep state. The deep sleep state isn't a state of sleep but the constant unfathomable, beyond human comprehension, what you actually are, already are, and always were; Reality.

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