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It's not that "nothing is happening." ~Summairu

It's not that "nothing is happening." It's simply that there is only the One with no-second. Hence, all happenings are but the One pretending to be other than itself alone. Both "happenings" and "nothing happening" are ideas of the One — the One which is not an idea.

To the One, neither these ideas nor any ideas come on the radar. To the One there is only the One. How can the One know of anything else but the One since there is only One?

All ideas are equal and undifferentiated because all ideas are of the One and yet the One is not an idea, thus follow any idea to its source then the idea falls away and the One remains alone, even without the idea of "the One." Silence is then the natural way of being.

"Nothing or no thing?"

"Nothing" by reference implies "something". Even empty of things or "no thing" implies an emptiness in which things do not exist. If something is lacking things then it's lacking. This is not a lack nor exclusion but also not an inclusion since nothing is actually excluded in order to then include it.

Thus, neither are true in the idealess silence of being where neither the idea of "nothing" nor "no thing" is more than an idea. The purest pointer is the one that points to a complete idealessness, thus what remains is that which is not an idea, not even the idea of "idealessness". How do you speak about That? Only silence would remain and a natural silence that comes about through seeing the idealess truth, not the idea of "silence".

"Pardon me...Nothing is understood about 'nothing' as explained above.."

Not understanding is the first sign of pure intelligence.

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