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I used to think I understood all your teachings ~Summairu

"Summairu, how do we bypass the mind's grasp even in the difficult or painful times when feeling broken by life and when everything hurts? I used to think I understood and realized all your teachings but lately it seems it is all being tested to the core."

Yes, life will test you based on what you feel you understand. You can fool yourself and others most of the time but never the unfathomable intelligence of life. This is common. Life exposes everything. It keeps coming back until everything is completely unhooked.

Life brings us to our knees and forces us to be humble. To surrender all control to the will of the universe. To feel so broken and so hurt that there is no room to complain nor hold back. To give in completely and give up totally.

What is actually breaking is this idea of separation; that you are small. This idea is being torn away from you. You are being shown directly that you are beyond what imagines itself to be breakable.

Yes, it will feel like you are breaking, that everything you know is being taken away. You will feel like a wound in the wind, exposed and naked, but you will soon see that somehow going through all this, that you are still here and strangely unharmed.

Nobody who has a mature and full realization will skip this awakening which breaks the heart. It's painful and hurtful because you're facing everything, head on, that is reacting to habitual tendencies in your inner most being. Pain and hurt is the aspect of awakening which forces mature emotional freedom and open heartedness.

You don't have to like it but you will eventually accept that this is the way it is and stop resisting that life does this because it's known that it's completely outside of your control.

It's all done for you, not to you. That's what gets revealed and you feel blessed that truth loves you so much that it forces you to face everything that is untrue but never-the-less feels absolutely true and convincing.

Truth asks for your trust in knowing what is true despite the fact that you're not feeling what is true. You have felt and experienced truth enough to know it, now abide in that knowing despite it appearing in the appearance of things. To persevere in your knowing of the truth despite being able to feel the truth in appearances. To know the truth despite how it's appearing to be convincing that truth is not with you.

You will hurt, feel broken and everything will change but you will still be here as if nothing changed at all because what you are is not this which feels broken. That's the whole point of this. To feel hurt and even in the midst of feeling hurt and broken to realize from touching the truth so much, that nothing is actually happening the way it appears.

Only by being shown directly that no matter how personal and real it feels, it never actually breaks you. You will know yourself as the non-personal; unafraid of pain, hurt and heartbreak since what truly broke? The core doesn't break and that is what you are.

"Thanks so much. So even while the body is still alive, is it possible to be totally free from fear and anxiety about aging, severe sickness and the fear of the extreme pain that will likely come with death?

I mean, for me, the reality of aging and the sickness leading to death is much more terrifying than just death, especially when i am in the middle of some severe mystery physical sickness right now in a foreign country after a lot of other super stressful crazy dangers to bodily survival lately. It has all added up to a lot of anxiety and distrust in life suddenly. I mean, even when feeling traumatized and still in severe physical pain and weakness and unsure about future survival, still there can be total peace?"

I realize that it may seem impossible and so far away in this moment, but what you are and the Reality of what is, right here and now, can only be described as a constant felt-knowing-sense of only peace despite fear, stress, worry, anxiety and terror about anything, even death.

If you were to lucid dream (meaning that the dream state is happening but you're knowing and conscious of the wake state simultaneously), then it wouldn't matter to you what happens in the dream because it's just an appearance.

Of course the dream body and your character in the dream will have the preference to not have a nightmare but even this is okay if it's happening because nothing is actually being harmed when you're knowingly-conscious of the wake state simultaneously while the dream state is happening. Simply because you know it's the dream state that is appearing and happening. You're simply conscious of the wake state, even though the wake state is not appearing to happen while the dream state is happening, you are still conscious that the wake state is still here since conscious-knowing is active thus you are lucid while the dream state is happening (i.e. lucid dreaming). Being conscious of the true state is the key.

Similar to this, it's not about getting rid of what appears to be. Fear and anxiety can be there and even being terrorized by the idea of death but you will know that nothing in the dream can die because you're not in the dream state, you are in your bed sleeping and having this dream. The dream state is in you but you're not appearing in it.

Hence, you are already being total peace, even as the waking state is appearing to happen. The wake state is the same mind that produces the dream state and simply is appearing as if it's a nightmare but you're okay because your true state (which is what you are) is unharmed by the waking state. It's all about noticing what is abiding as undisturbed peace and turning towards That until That abides in the knowing of only itself, despite what appears.

Easier said than done but to be earnest in the perseverance to be the conscious-knowing of the true state despite what is appearing is required. You have to want the truth and to be the true state above anything that can appear. This is what it takes to be consciously-knowing the mature loving true state. It unhooks and matures emotionally every hurt that lurks hidden anywhere within your being. Let the process happen as it will and you simply stay in the knowing that it's not really happening the way it's appearing. Be at peace with it despite the fact that on an appearance level nothing about it is peaceful.

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