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You cannot understand or know silence. Silence is when you're not understanding or knowing. Pure intelligence begins with silence. You cannot know silence as pure intelligence until you stop knowing completely─stop understanding absolutely everything in the waking state including yourself.

Be silence and stay still here. Too many speak too soon about silence and cover the pure intelligence of silence with understanding and knowledge─losing the only significant doorway to the Truth which is silence. Simply marinate in silence. Be fully focused on silence─be full of silence.

Many speak of silence but not from silence because few are not silent long enough for silence to reveal what it is. How are you going to express silence? No you cannot do silence! You don't know what silence is!

You get all your knowledge and understanding from the mind so you lack the pure intelligence of silence. Silence has not revealed its secrets. Your mind cannot appreciate silence. The mind is not moving in silence. Your mind cannot stay silent long enough for the pure intelligence of silence to introduce itself.

So few are interested in severing these habitual tendencies of the mind to keep moving. It's easier to speak about silence therefore many fool themselves instead of being silence. They fail to practice dropping into the silence between thoughts; failing to persevere with any effective practice, and so they fail to be introduced to silence and the benefits silence introduces.

How do you imagine silence will introduce what it is if you are not first full of silence? Only silence can introduce silence─there's no room for anything else, especially everything you imagine is you and your world.

Silence only introduces itself to silence, thus you must enter silence and leave yourself and your world at the door. Silence is full of itSelf; Self-absorbed to itself as silence and only silence alone. Silence doesn't entertain you and your world. Silence belongs to itself and its Selfish world of silence alone. Silence only reveals its secrets to those who are being as silence is thus being none other than silence.

Just because there is none other than silence, doesn't mean that you are only knowing silence alone. The same could be said for Love and God too. It's nice to say "everything and everybody is God" but are you effortlessly treating everybody as not bodies but as God itself? It's easy to say "everything and everybody is Love" but are you effortlessly being only Love as Love itself is? These phrases are not just non-dual spiritual jargon, it's a living Reality which has equal effects in daily living when truly being what Truth is.

Hence, to be silence, you must first be full of nothing but silence, which means being completely emptied out of you and your world, and that takes earnestness in practice and perseverance towards silence. It all begins with an extreme effort toward silence and ends in nothing but effortless silence alone.

Those who utter spiritual jargon so simply, but don't recommend the effective practices to persevere with, which aligns Truth with daily living, have yet to clearly see that abidance in silence is always happening as the Truth of what you are but the mind is not That (the mind is silent in silence). Thus the habitual tendencies of the mind must be severed which happens through perseverance to be as silence is always being. To persevere with silence is to sever the mind.

The deep abidance of pure intelligence, that comes from silence introducing itself, cannot express purely or act purely through the filter of the mind. That filter needs to slow down, take a back seat and eventually silence reveals that there is no mind at all, but only silence itself can reveal no-mind.

Silence can only happen naturally upon seeing the irreversible Truth of silence itself; and until that is revealed, perseverance is required, otherwise it's just the mind doing silence but never actually being as silence is since silence is without mind.

The pure intelligence of silence can only happen with equal measure to silence being itself and not with equal measure to a silent mind since a silent mind is simply a mind being silent. In true and pure silence, there is no mind at all but only silence being itself and none other than itself.

The mind which imagines itself as a self-image and self-thinker cannot know silence as itself because silence is revealed when only silence is. Hence, at first, when practicing silence, by jumping into the silence between thoughts, it will be the mind doing silence, thus silence will not yet reveal itself and the benefits of soaking in itself, but eventually as you persevere with this practice, silence will reveal mind, and in that revealing, mind will be exposed as an empty idea which has no power. The power of the mind, which is only slightly less powerful than Truth, will be completely drained of energy and will no longer have any power over you.

Only when the whole of the mind is exposed will silence alone reveal that it has always been abiding as itself alone and none other than itself. This is the beginning of true awakening and Self-abidance. Silence will now begin to receive itself and go deeper into effortless transcendence and transformation simultaneously, as the secrets of silence leaves nothing to the imagination.

Silence receiving itself alone abides as perfect clarity, unmoved from transparency and thus never tricked by falseness because the root of mind is the most obvious. You are beyond human comprehension at this point, thus the pure intelligence is your daily living Reality, which is completely removed from the fallible limitations of mind.

"Kinda confused here!! How does one achieve pure silence when the mind can never be silent? The two seem contradictory to me (thus pure silence and "silentlessness" of the mind) because if pure silence truly exist at all then it can only be achieved through one and only medium which is the mind...."

The mind can be silent for short periods of time by noticing the silence between thoughts and focusing full attention there. The mind will move again and start thinking, but you keep doing the practice with perseverance. Slowly the mind will be able to be silent for longer periods of time.

Eventually while the mind is being silent then silence will introduce itself while simultaneously exposing the mind which is trying to be silent. It takes extreme effort, the mind will resist and try to convince you not to do the practice but if you persevere through and devote your existence to silence then silence will see your efforts and reward your devotion to the practice by revealing itself effortlessly abiding as itself alone.

"Through this, my mind has continued to weaken over the months and years, but it seems there is no end to this weakening. How little of a grip does the mind need to have for silence to expose that there is no mind at all? 5%? 0.01%? As long as mind breathes at all, there is no freedom. I can't remove the hope that one day in the future this will happen. As long as my mind moves, there is the hope of it's ending."

The end to the weakening of the mind is when the mind is no longer feeding itself. It can feed itself endlessly. The only way to not feed it is when the attention is fully focused on what is not the mind. Hence, the practice is offered with the prescription of perseverance. Earnest perseverance is required.

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