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Being carried away by the past tendencies quite often ~Summairu

"Dear Sri Summa, in daily life identification with the person happens quite often. I mean being carried away by the past tendencies quite often. Could you please advise?

If I sit here, it's not difficult at all for me to know and experience what I am as the Self, but the worldly roles and obligations can bring back the person or individual rather easily.

I find that the dream life is so real and can get quite involved, especially those situations related to my family."

Like a dream, events seem to happen, it feels serious and important, it appears as if there is a life to live and a goal to be achieved, as if there is a person there with roles and obligations, but there is not, so it is free to appear that way.

There's nowhere to go and nothing to be nor not be. It's just a dream with no purpose nor point. You have no difficulty when you have no agenda to be free neither care nor energy in the appearance of bondage. Freedom beyond the need to be free is the true freedom that you are.

As if being carried away by the movie you're watching, nothing is harmed in getting lost in the movie because you know in your heart that all is well, despite how it appears. Be free of the appearances by allowing it to appear whichever way it's appearing already; being an individual person with obligations or just sitting here without difficulty─it makes no difference how it appears.

Despite however life looks in each moment, there's nothing to neither know nor understand. Simply feel the peace that is beyond daily life; as you have known it and know it now. That knowing never leaves you, despite how it appears. Trust that it can look however it wants to appear and still there is no evidence or proof to be found anywhere to suggest that your knowing left you. The life will be lead, it will be lived and will look different and changing─never mind this.

Situations will arise, life will feel serious and important. Loved ones and their needs will feel like obligations and it will feel like it is you who is involved with past tendencies, but all that appears is a dream and all is okay with the dream to appear how it is appearing.

Trust your deepest knowing in your heart, that there is none other than the Self, then there is no problem with anything appearing as if the Self is not known.

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