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All Your Worldly And Spiritual Knowledge Has To Go ~Summairu

The mind thinks it knows what's going on, worldly and spiritually. All that is being pointed out is to simply not follow any knowledge into its logical conclusion. Simply allow the mind to do what it does, but don't buy what it's selling. Nothing the mind tells you, about anything, spiritual or otherwise, is true. The mind is not to be believed or trusted. It cannot know or understand what anything is for.

Pointers are not for the mind to form new ideas about what is happening or why, it's simply an invitation to stop; fully stop. In full stop, you know nothing spiritual, you know nothing about liberation or enlightenment, you simply are. I Am. Nothing else is known, quite literally. And when you truly rest in I Am, not I am this or I am that, not even: "I am everything and/or I am nothing", but simply I Am, then you see that there is quite literally nothing to understand.

And what a relief that you don't have to defend spiritual ideas since you're not holding any. No beliefs about anything spiritual, no ideas about enlightenment or what is happening here, so no need to correct anyone about having the correct spiritual understanding or the correct enlightening context.

The whole entire spiritual journey is designed to exhaust you, so you can surrender all knowledge and understanding to God. To let go and allow God to have all the knowledge and understanding about what is happening and why. You only rest in the I Am; free of anything else that arises; allowing it to fully arise, but not believing or knowing anything about it.

This isn't about knowing something which is moving and unmoving; this isn't about holding paradoxes. The invitation is to not hold anything!

To not hold the moving or the unmoving; to not hold the idea of awareness or the idea of being unaware, to not hold the space or the presence, not the nothingness or the everythingness. To not know of transcendence, detachment or embodiment. To not know of a spiritual journey called 'up and out' and to not know of anything about a 'down and in'. To not know what it is or means to drop into the heart or embracing your humanity. In fact, everything you spiritually learned, drop it all, every last bit of the spiritual journey.

If there is a discovery process, then let that reveal itself. You don't need to hold onto anything because what is eventually discovered cannot be spoken. It's not what it seems. In fact, everything you think you spritually know is quite literally false. Truth quite literally cannot be understood. It's not understanding and not getting any answer to any question, which reveals Truth. You quite literally know nothing, except I Am and even that stops referencing itself as a knowing because it just is being what it is; it doesn't need to reference itself.

So, when I say there is quite literally nothing to know, I mean that literally. Not as some spiritual wisdom and not as the phrases you sometimes hear: "There is nothing to understand for the person or the mind, but understanding happens for nobody". But literally, not understanding on any level. Not knowing and knowing that you know nothing, is the knowing of Truth. It's the simplest seeing, the most innocent and naive seeing that anyone can come across.

Unknow where to land or what to be. Simply be. Start fresh, here and now, with no knowledge or understanding about anything. There really is no such thing as a teacher because there literally is nothing to learn. I have no teaching; I don't hold onto anything. I don't know what I am going to say next, let alone what to teach.

Simply feel the aliveness of I Am; be what you already are. Stay here, in beginner's-mind. Like a baby, know nothing but this. This, without ideas of anything secondary, is freedom. To not know anything; to allow everything, but know nothing about it, is extremely freeing.

In not knowing, there is nothing to defend here; nothing to protect here. There's nothing to get right here. There are no mistakes; nothing is out of place. You simply are. Nothing to spiritually do; simply just being what you already are.

There is no journey to being what you already are. Either it's realized or it's not, and mostly not because of your spiritual knowledge about how this is supposed to look. It doesn't look like anything because you already are; I Am.

Stop knowing what it means to integrate; spiritually and emotionally mature. Stop with all spiritual ideas of holding onto your humanity or living from the heart. If these unfoldings are to blossom, they will organically blossom and without your insistence that they should. You cannot do these things, it's a discovery process and for it to unfold as a discovery, it must be left alone.

How can you force maturity? How can you force or manipulate yourself to love everyone, when you don't? How can you embody anything, if it's not felt that way? If these things are to happen, they will on their own accord, when you're not holding.

And if these things are to not happen, then they don't happen. What is the problem? If you let these ideas go, you will begin to feel a freedom. This is the freedom of being; the freedom of allowing what is, to be what it is. This is the freedom of letting go and letting God.

You need not know or understand anything, give it all to God. The invite is to give all your energy to what you already are; your only dedication and devotion is to the feeling sense of I Am. You're already that. Be what you already are, not as a doing, but simply be. You are it already; let that be as it is. Truly, no doing, let everything be as it is.

When you let everything be as it is, and that means EVERYTHING, then you don't simply witness the world go by or dismiss everything. It's not about taking on a mood of apathy or aloof about everything, but simply move with the movements (WHATEVER it looks like; letting whatever mood to be), yet don't believe anything about it, don't touch it or land on any conclusion.

There is extreme humility, deep acceptance, and vast openness in not forming conclusions or knowing how things are. How can you have an argument with yourself, others or the world, when you're deeply open to receive everyone and everything as it is. That type of humility comes from truly not knowing and therefore fully accepting what is.

You don't have to do anything to fully accept what is. You don't have to have any argument with what is; you don't have to receive everyone and everything in openness and humility. In fact, you cannot do these things. It's done for you and to you (you are undone), simply by being in only the knowledge of I Am and not holding any other knowledge or understanding about anything else. Just the absolute certainty that I Am; I exist, this is.

The mind doesn't know how to drop knowledge, it knows itself through holding knowledge. The mind doesn't know how to drop ideas, it's whole structure is based on ideas. The mind doesn't know how to not form conclusions about others, itself or the world, simply because this is what the mind does, but you don't have to believe it or hold onto the knowledge it is storing.

In other words, let the mind hold everything it wants to hold, that doesn't mean you have to participate. The mind invites you to know all kinds of things, infinite things, but you don't have to accept the invitation. Let the mind be what it is, let it do what it does, so what? How does that have anything to do with you?

Oh, "but", I hear you saying, through the spiritual knowledge that the mind has collected: "But, I am the mind too! Everything is included as what I am."... are you the mind? Do you believe that? Hmmm... that's the very reason why you find yourself in this turbulence and with all these seeming problems. Yes, the mind is included because the energy is what is, so what? That doesn't mean it's you. Just let the mind be, why do you care what it's saying or doing?

Either you want to feel the freedom of not knowing or you want to know and feel the product of the mind. What do you really want? Freedom is here and now, available to all. You ARE that freedom, are you ready to be that freedom that already and always is?

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