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A Jnani looks forward to throwing body away ~Summairu

Sri Summairu, can you comment and elaborate on this quote by Sri Ramana Maharshi?
"A Jnani always looks forward to the time when he will be free from the bondage of the body and be able to throw it away."

Those that know themselves to be the ultimate supreme Reality, beyond bondage and abiding as undisturbed peace, have ended additional karmic accumulations and reincarnations, but are still subject to the karmatic burden of the current-body due to the ignorance of unfulfilled energetic desires being carried over into the birth of this incarnation.

Although the mind no longer being a burden and dead of the energetic pull which supplies a new body and further reincarnations, still the current-body is supplied by previous-ignorance and expires when the karma of this incarnation is complete. Until then, the karmic burden of the current-body is the last burden to drop. In this sense, the sage-realized being looks forward to the time when the current-body is dropped.

To such a being, having died before body-death, the body is a dead animated corpse and its passing away is the ultimate death since it's the absolute end of saṃsāra cycles, transmigration rebirths and self-identification with dual-world limitations and restrictive physical flesh conditions.

"I think a true sage lives with the body in acceptance and peace, until the time comes for this skin to be shed naturally. Looking forward to its end, and viewing it as merely an animated corpse, is a loss of peace and a judgemental impatience that only leads to more suffering, more karma. I think the sage lives whatever she currently is, seeing the situation, but riding with its flow, not clinging, not trying to hold on or hasten."

I am sure many people interested in non-duality will heartfully agree with you, and of those many, few would be interested, open and willing to wonder what it is that is actually being said here; assuming that I am speaking about an Absolute-view clinging without including the heart-present-aliveness of the embodied relative-view. I am quite aware of how the path looks, for I too have encountered such clarities as you describe. I would have never guessed what the sage, being an embodiment of the Heart itself, was actually pointing to.

"Sorry i'm having a hard time understanding this"

Perfect. The most advanced and highest ways of being begin with simplicity. Not understanding is a simplicity very few can appreciate. To not feed the endless appetite of what is desiring to understand and also not feed it through collecting knowledge is a required turning point; in order to be introduced to the pristine brilliant stillness of pure being and pure idealess intelligence. Similar to nature, no knower to understand anything but intelligently effective.

"What if one is heart broken due to ones sins. Being lazy and being a coward when people needed his help. Am I bound to samsara? What path is for me?"

Karma means seeing things that are not there due to desires, fears and attachments to the wake state. The whole of the wake state is the karma of seeing things that are not there.

Remove your attention from the wake state and direct your full attention to that which the wake state appears; and eventually the idea of karma will dissolve like a bad dream.

Only then, will the whole of the wake state reveal itself as undisturbed peace, and uncased joy for simply being, since the wake state no longer holds and binds you to ideas of things that do not exist beyond the mind.

You will clearly see that the wake state is the mind's ideas and nothing more, thus you will not be pulled to those ideas because you will be firmly planted as that which is true about the wake state─collapsing the mind which is the idea that there is a separation between the wake state and that which the wake state appears.

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