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If you truly and completely realized in an irreversible way that there is no-self then you will not feel as if you are the author of thoughts, words and actions. Upon the deepest irreversible realization that there is no-self, the sense that you can make a choice will leave every level of your being and be replaced with a constant sense of spontaneity and effortlessness because what is actually moving the body comes with a constant ease and peace of being.

Knowing that there is no doer doesn't remove the sense of doership because knowing is not enough. Knowing must penetrate all the way through to the core of your being where what is moving the body is revealed; then the knowledge that there is no doer simply falls away because what is moving the body is obvious.

What's the usefulness in talking about no-me if what is most obviously living the body has not been revealed? When what is obvious is revealed then that obviousness is seen everywhere as everything and everyone; so naturally only That remains; only knowing Itself.

Obviously if the sense of making choices is present then the sense of me is happening. You can know that there is no-me but still feel a sense of me. What is not often recognized is that the sense of me is an aspect of the-me, so the knowledge that there is no-me cannot penetrate deep enough to remove the sense of me. Me isn't actual, of course, never was; it's a sense that is sensed in how one is moved; it's an energetic movement.

Knowing what is false is intellectual understanding which doesn't reveal what is true, so claiming knowledge as true, but not sensing what the truth is, is what a sense of the-me does. In other words, the sense of making choices is an aspect of the-me, so if you're claiming that there is no-me but you have the sense of choice (no matter how subtle that sense of choice is) then the sense of me is claiming that there is no-me.

The-me has particular flavors of experiencing; particular energetic movements; a particular set of senses that can be felt in the body, etc.  You know it by way of what is not those particular ways of being.

These pointers can seem subtle at first but the overall message is not to bullshit yourself. The-me can easily hide in plain sight. Only the truth can reveal what is false and you will know it as truth because what is will be exposing what is not. What is not cannot expose itself.

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