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When you wake up from a dream, only then do you realize that nothing actually happened, except you were laying in your bed dreaming about an endless play of many happenings.

But waking up from a dream is much different than a dream character within a dream waking up. To wake up from a dream, the whole entire dream fades, even the character you thought you were in the dream. The dream character disappears along with the dream when you wake up in your bed. You were not the character in the dream, you were the one in your bed and not anything that appeared in the dream world.

The dream character cannot wake up from the dream world. For the dream character there is only dream and there is never a way out of the dream—not for the dream character. Everyone is trying to get their dream character to wake up and many deceive themselves into dreaming that their dream character did wake up.

Certain individual dream characters do not awaken. Awakening is when you realize that you are not a dream character at all and awaken completely out of the entire dream world.

You realize that you were never a dream character. How could you be? You were laying in your bed dreaming up an imagined dream world the whole time. What you thought you were was never true.

Awakening is when you awaken completely outside of the dream world and in that moment the whole dream world stops. No more dreamer, no more dreaming—no dream. Simply because in that moment you realize that nothing ever happened, nothing is happening and nothing could ever happen. There were no characters nor persons, no play nor game, no places, no things, no subjects nor objects, no nouns nor verbs, no space nor time, no events nor happenings.

Absolutely everything you perceived and experienced through the five senses was a dream and totally unreal. Nothing was threatened because nothing was happening. What was real was never threatened by the dream world.

The innocent mistake is that you simply thought you were that dream character within a dream world, so you imagined that you were being damaged by the dream world. Yet, you wake up safe, whole and complete, in your bed, where nothing was actually happening to you.

The dream character never wakes up from the dream. The dream simply stops and the dream character is seen to be non-existent, in the same manner the dream world is non-existent in the waking state.

The waking state comes and goes, just like a dream. How many times are you going live this dream life and die a dream death in order to dream a new dream life again? No dream is constant. You act like this is a solid world made of matter which needs your fixing. As if you're here to help make this dream life and dream world better. You're here to wake up from the dream, nothing more and nothing less. See through all happenings as false; as equally false as a dream at night.

There's no such thing as relative freedom. You're either absolutely free or you're dreaming. Relative freedom is just a better dream for the dream character. Relative freedom makes no sense to this that is absolutely not dreaming because the dream has stopped. You're either awake in your bed where there is no more dream or you're in bed asleep and dreaming that there a dream world is happening. As God you either see God and only God or God is dreaming.

If it seems as if something is happening then no need to deny the experience of it happening because dreams surely are experienced as real, and only a dream character would pretend as if there is no dream here to be experienced. Obviously the dream world is real to the dream character. What is being offered here goes much deeper than that.

When I say there is a realization that nothing is happening and it ends all happenings, I mean that literally. The dream character you thought you were gets so utterly emptied that you realize you were never a body and what you are reveals that you have never identified as a body, thus, could never identify with a body again. The root mind which offers the whole structure of the dream display has been seen through as false and the gap between the root false arising and you seeing it is completely closed. The mind display is destructed at its root. How deep are you willing to go into the darkness of the unknown?

"So if the 'dream character' never awakens then these words are of no benefit to the one reading them. In truth nothing needs to awaken from anything for it never went to sleep. Correct?"

Correct. What awakens was never asleep and the dreamer never was. But only if what awakens realizes that it never was dreaming, otherwise the dream is experienced as real and the dreamer feels real.

"If the dream character can not wake up inside a dream after realizing that it's just a dream. But still perpetuate its existence till the dream ends. So, how he's meant to wake up then?"

That's the whole problem with awakening. What is trying to awaken cannot and what awakens was never dreaming. It's not a catch 22, not a paradox, nor an impossible realization though. It's just simply the only suchness that the dreaming mind cannot dream up.

"But living in the common day life doesn't bring such an effective realization unless you surrender yourself totally which is extremely hard for most to let go of personality."

If you as the dream character is trying to totally and completely surrender then that's not only extremely hard but impossible. Dream characters are not designed to be totally surrendered with absolutely no desires. Instead what happens is you notice what is already surrendered to absolutely everything about the dream and has already has absolutely no desire about how the dreams goes.

"The sense of actor, thinker and doership is so profound in us that to realize the surrendered self seems contradictory to the doer or the actor..."

Yes. Hence, perseverance is needed.

"And that is the sole reason that many people can not fully surrender to truth or to realize that. Because the actor in them doesn't allow them to realize it. They cling to every bit of that doership character. So, even after being so much aware of the truth. It doesn't help sadly."

Indeed. We must use the energy of the dream character against itself by inquiring into doership, etc. Like a snake eating itself. Some movement within you must be willing to go beyond making the dream better for the dream character.

"If this is a dream...what of sentience? If it does not 'exist' per se anything can appear to 'take place', inclusive of harm, and it would not 'matter'?"

To truly understand what sentience is then only sentience would remain. In other words, nothing is perceiving nor feeling anything else but the reality of what actually is.

Indeed. It doesn't matter because none of it is made of matter. The only suchness that matters is seeing that nothing is mattering.

"By darkness of the unknown; are you referring to the crevices of one's psyche? Or being able to face this dream for what it truly is?"

If everything is a dream and therefore nothing else but dream is, then how would you know it's a dream? The darkness of the unknown is That which doesn't appear in the dream so cannot be experienced; doesn't display in the dream; doesn't reveal itself—no light can see it simply because it's the only suchness that the dream cannot know.

" oppose to the darkness that is known?"

The darkness of the unknown appears as dark because no light of knowledge can shine on it. In the same manner that the pupil of your eyes is pitch dark blackness and yet sees light and everything the light shines on.

"Thank you Sri Summairu. When I read your post there is something inside me that is convinced with every single word without resistance. A great relief is being experienced. But still i m witnessing the commentary of mind like this.. "hmm! Its nice to read this but you are reading this inside the dream which may be a scripted dialogue of another dream character. "
"He (Summa) is awake but not you. "
"don't pretend to be an awakened one"
"you can't do anything to awaken from the dream "
"you are still experiencing the dream as real, so you are not awake yet "
"if everything is the dream including You, Summa, facebook, all wisdom that is shared by sages, if everything is a dream then what is the point in reading and pretending to understand something? "

The mind is saying things like this and in the background of this commentary there is a simple and silent presence. But i don't identity that silence as my true nature. The dreamed character tries to identify with the silence and it seems impossible.

You say when awakening happens there is no more dream. If there is a strong urge in a dream character to wake up from the dream what can he do or what he should do to wake up? I know you cleared already that no dream character can wake up but honestly speaking i can notice that urge to wake up but I am not sure whether the dream character is having that urge or the real one who is outside the dream.

OMG! its very confusing for the mind. I think I should stop writing."

That which feels the truth of these words without resistance, the great relief, the simple and silent presence despite the mind, that which is clear that the mind is confused; This is what I speak to. This is what is already awake and doesn't need to awaken.

It doesn't matter what the perseverance is or where the urge for perseverance is coming from. The matter is to keep perseverance alive in your heart until you realize what you already know in an unshakable manner.

Don't just believe the sages when they say this is no different than a dream, don't just believe what you already know, question everything about the life and the person you think you are; keep inquiring into your life and who you think you are, until you see it for the dream that it is.

The mind, from which the dream character is happening within, can conclude that life is a dream and can land on many concepts it reads from the sages, can even land on past dream character experiences, but only that which is not anywhere in the dream can confirm and reveal that life is no different than a dream. When that is revealed by That, then no concept, theory, philosophy nor belief is needed and in fact you will know without a doubt that all that belongs to the dream.

What speaks here is That which cannot be found in the dream. I am aware that I am often mistaken to be a dream character because what speaks can seem as if it's a body that is speaking, but I am everywhere as everything. I don't see bodies, I don't see a world. I only see myself everywhere as everything. What else can I relate to but myself?

You know of this too for this is what you are. If I appear to you as a dream character, it's only because I am you appearing in your dream to wake you up from the dream. All that is being asked to stay clear about what is the dreaming mind and what is already awake and always awake. You know of this, you have spoke of it in your comment. It happens automatically and effortlessly without a thought about it.

Don't rely so heavily on the thoughts in the mind, just simply be without trying so hard to figure it out or understand it. You read these words and perfectly understand the words instantly without trying to connect them together and making a sentence out of them. Your being just processes the words and the understanding is instant. In the same manner, I just type these words without much thought to them, they flow out as if I am not typing them at all and yet somehow intelligent sentences are made. What you are just flows like this, effortlessly and spontaneously.

You effortlessly typed out what you naturally felt by reading the flow of this post and you started describing a non-resistance and great relief, then your mind came in and analyzed what was happening and started questioning the natural flow, as if the mind has anything to do with that; as if the mind has to figure out if the post is being understood correctly, and if the words are correct and it's all a dream then...."you can't do anything to awaken from the dream" and all the thoughts of the mind begin.

Don't focus so much on the words. The feeling tone the words offer when you're not thinking about the words is the real message, the truth behind the words, because that bypasses the mind which is trying to understand the correctness of the words and making dots to connect where there are none, trying to work it all out through knowledge of understanding and how the words are being read, trying to interpret it, etc, it makes what is effortlessly flowing feel as if there's so much effort to do in order to "get it". Be free from the mind's blabbering. Simply stay with what comes effortlessly.

"Great Summairu. Mental is just a 'configuration'. Con-'figure'-action? Could you comment on that?"

Yes, mental = images (images = figures)
Mental is just configurations.
Configuration = being conned by figures in action.

Beautiful but what you speak of is not the whole enchilada. The nothingness, the consciousness that we are....awakening to that, as That, is just the beginning. There is still identification to something. It is of course very subtle, and I know you know this, but in this realm where we are not the dream character anymore, we are not necessarily God itself. First you are dreaming, then you are not dreaming, and then you are God. It is subtle because when not dreaming, you instantly assume and feel you are God. But it can be show itself to have been (in hindsight) an assumption. The more we awaken, hence the more we see we never really slept and dreamt, the more we also lose grip on this identification with one that is conscious and not a part of a dream world. The identification is hidden for oneself, because there is the experience that there is no one left to identify with anything. But we are more than that. Much more. We are beyond that.

What you speak of here is how most modern teachers speak about the path of 'the awakening journey' and it's all well and good. That is certainty how it appears (awakening to the absolute-up and out, awakening to the heart-down and in, etc, and all of that). That's how it appeared here too but when what I speak of is actually seen truly then you realize that the whole awakening journey was a delusion and you truly realize what every sage was speaking, so I don't give awakening journey's and the common way awakening is spoken about in this modern time much credit.

There is a lot of misinformation out there due to this way of speaking, as if it's really an awakening journey (that's part of the dreamer and dream world).

Either it's seen truly or not at all. It was all the dream character deceiving itself into believing that it has lost identity, that it knows what nothingness is, as if That can be known. The whole thing was more of a development process of the dream world more than anything to do with the awakefulness (true awakening) as I point to it here.

If it still feels like an awakening process, better to drop all spiritual experiences and all spiritual knowing on every level and start with beginners mind.

Either you're dreaming or you're fully awake as the awakefulness, there is nothing in between. The dreamer can know nothing of what is real. The dream must totally end to see what I am pointing to and it's never truly known as it really is before that.

"What role is consciousness playing within this dream ... the joker?
Do I have to go back and take a crash course in "Spirituality 101?' Because it feels as if I am back at the beginning... but no desire to relearn the learned."

Most nondual social media seems to confirm each others experience of awakening, so it seems as if there are many who are awake, but unfortunately this isn't the case. What would awaken?

What is actually happening is that the major are only understanding the words of the sages and then comparing those words to their own experience, and this is not at all what sages are pointing to. You can have many spiritual experiences of what the sage is pointing to and still never have one iota of what the sage is actually pointing to.

Truly there is nothing to learn, it's a destruction process, an unlearning. And at that end of that process then you see it was never a process. If you think you know anything about spirituality then unlearn that. That's the only reason my words seem confusing because I challenge all spiritual knowledge and purposefully bring the doubt that is there in all to the surface. Only those who are truly doubtless remain undisturbed or I am simply ignored but that doesn't work for long either. I don't confirm spiritual experiences nor spiritual knowledge. It's not that.

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