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The mind, from which the brain and body happen within, will not cease when the body drops. The importance of discovering what the mind is and seeing through the mind as false is the whole core of the sage's message.

Otherwise, the sage would simple say: "The whole point is to enjoy life as best as you can and wait for death where you will know the freedom of what you are.". The true sage, that is completely empty of the body idea since the whole structure of the mind has been revealed, will have a deeper depth to their message, which directs you to look to go beyond the recycling of life and death.

Only when you see that there is no mind do you see that there is nothing left to identify with incarnation and therefore no cycle of reincarnation. You are removed from the appearance of the endless stream of self-consciousness which derives from mind-orientation. The sage never had a body and never incarnated, that's the realization that is significant since it has the signature and authority of That which is prior to even God.

God is the source of mind (is itself the collective Mind and collective memory of all life's) and only knows to recycle itself endlessly through and as all forms. It does this out of love for itself. God has no other function, but this significant no-Mind realization is prior to that function and has no use nor interest for such a function.

This no-Mind realization reveals that this empty body has its own karma, but when the body drops then there is no other body which will appear in the mind, simply because what you are has no mind, no function and no interest in God nor love nor evolution nor life nor death. What you are is not interested in incarnation nor any form of dual play. Such games are child-play which you have no investment in nor agenda to engage nor disengage.

For you life is not designed to create more life. Life is suffering. The goal is not to see through the suffering as false but to see through life itself as completely false―to awaken from the whole game in a complete manner; to see the source of the play for what it is and to realize that it never happened, and therefore cannot continue to appear to happen when this body expires. No other realization holds such a hallmark.

"Why does this realization not cause the illusion to cease immediately? Why must it "wait" until the karma of that body ends?"

The realization reveals that the body is empty and only plays out in the mind as an idea only. The mind is revealed as the root idea from which all other ideas are formed. It ends the delusion. There's no karma nor cause and effect for an empty body because there's no mind to identify with it. There is no waiting. There is no illusion nor ignorance. Yet, the body idea plays itself out spontaneously and effortlessly without any sense of doership. In the same way the mind projects the dream state until the dream ends. The realized are not the dreamer, the dream nor the dreaming, these are known as concept, but there is nothing there to stop it. The non-conceptual knows of the root concept from which all other concepts arise, that is all. It must come to expire in the same way it began. On its own, effortlessly.

"So what is being said Sri Summairu is; mind does exist collectively, but not individually... ? What I mean is; that as long as the individual / person remains, the falsity of there being 'my' mind is held?"

Both seem to exist but when seen through as false then neither can exist; not apparently or otherwise.

"And yet, I am apparently using it to contemplate what is being said... My imaginary tool"

If you were to become lucid while the dream state is happening, there would be no apparent anything. The only thing that would be known is dream. Anything you point to, anything that apparently appears, anything that could be said, seen, experienced, perceived, etc, would be known as dream and nothing else would be known but the fact that it's all dream.

In other words, you wouldn't say "apparently there is a mountain there in this dream" because every aspect of seeing the mountain, to speaking about it, to the experiencing of a mountain, etc, would be known as dream and dream alone.

Likewise, to see the mind as the root of absolutely everything then nothing is apparently happening, all is known as mind and mind alone.

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