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Summairu (aka: Summa) is an American spiritual teacher and writer from Washington state (5 mins from the Canada border & two hours from Seattle). Summairu has made himself available for a variety of services to anyone who is interested in what he points to.

About Summairu's Teaching

Silence is the absolute truth and the highest form of spiritual teaching. If you're unable to be silenced by the Sage, who is the embodiment of silence itself, "Summa Iru" is the highest verbal teaching.

"Summa Iru" has been used by Sages to instantly stop seeking and drop the seeker into simply being. For most, it only lasts briefly or while in the presence of the Sage, but to really see where it's pointing then it's irreversible.

Summa Iru is an aphorism in Tamil consisting of two words:
"Just Be", "Simply Be", "Only This", "Keep Quiet", "Full Stop", "Be Still", etc.

There is not much information online about "Summa Iru", but most of the online information is not accurate. Summa Iru is not something that can be done nor can it be understood as an instruction.

If you're looking for an instruction, the simplicity of Summa Iru is being overlooked. As an instruction most Sages offer self-inquiry.

Summa Iru points to a simple seeing of the only Truth. And upon seeing this One Truth, that which "processes complexity" drops away.

Summa Iru has nothing to do with what you do nor what you don't do and has nothing to do with what you're being nor what you're not being. Summa Iru is the simplest teaching, simpler than simple, but it's often the most subtle, subtler than subtle since it's commonly overlooked.

Clearly seeing Summa Iru is rare but anyone can clearly see what it points to at anytime because it's already and always the case. It doesn't matter what spiritual path you come from nor your spiritual knowledge. The less spiritual knowledge you have, the easier Summa Iru is seen.

Summa Iru is what all Sages point to, in many different ways but always this One Truth, and this is why it's uncommon for a Sage to speak about a spiritual path because all authentic paths end upon clearly seeing Summa Iru.

Summa Iru is the only seeing which has any significance, the rest will quite literally take care of itself. What continues to unfold upon Summa Iru is a liberating unfoldment, endlessly unfolding, but not as a process nor as a journey, it's freedom itself delivering and receiving you as uncaused bliss, profound peace and the love for simply being. Everything is simplified and it only gets simpler.

Summa Iru is the ultimate way of being, revealing clearer and clearer in every moment, yet beyond the need for anything to happen. Summa Iru is even seen to be beyond the body, irreversible, it remains even as the body leaves.

Most modern day nondual teachers speak about a spiritual awakening journey; falling into the heart, full circle awakening, up and out then down and in, transcendence then embodiment, and I can speak to those processes and also point to the next step since all of this is seen, but Summa Iru isn't a process. If anything, I am hoping that offering you the next step in the process will exhaust you and open you up to Summa Iru, then everything refines as Summa Iru.

Satsang is a gathering in truth. That's where true Satsang begins; in truth. Satsang doesn't begin in "you're the student and I'm the teacher". It certainly does appear that way and there is room for all appearances and plays or roles, but the "Satsang teacher" never leaves the clear seeing that there is no student/ teacher nor anything to learn/ teach. Yet, that's the power of never leaving truth and therefore the truth reveals itself to already be the case and always the case; despite how it appears. ~Summairu

Teaching: Q & A


"How do you pronounce 'Summa Iru'?"

Summairu's Answer:

"Summa" is pronounced as "Summa" where,
"Su" is pronounced as "Sue" in the word "Sue"
"mma" is pronounced as "ma" in the word "grandma"

"Iru" is pronounced as "Eru" where,
"I" is pronounced as "E" in the word "Eat"
"ru" is pronounced as "roo" in the word "kangaroo"


"Many Sages suggest to be the unchanging Witness. Is this something you also recommend?"

Summairu's Answer:

It's another pointer to Summa Iru, but rarely does the mind not get ahold of pointers as a reference-point. The mind uses this idea of "the Witness" as a tool to escape from unwanted feelings or uncomfortable situations.

The pointer is pointing to this that is not the mind and therefore is intelligently being what it is without processing the mind in the same manner that the mind processes itself.

The mind is an interferer and interferes with everything that it comes in contact with, so no pointer can be understood by the mind without natural consequences of holding onto that false idea.

Hence, "the Witness" is pointing to an intelligence that is not the mind and therefore doesn't process the mind, thus the mind can only be seen through, transparently, when the mind is not interfering. Consequently, "the Witness" is pointing to that intelligence which is not interfering nor processing.

The Witness doesn't process, but it's still and present to what is. The Witness is open and receptive to the mind. It's within this stillness and receptivity that the mind is revealed. What is revealed is what the mind cannot reveal to itself, through its own processes. Only this intelligence, which is not the mind, can reveal what the intelligence of the mind is doing because the Witness has no agenda.

Hence, "the Witness" is rarely seen where the pointer is pointing, but you will know when it's seen because this seeing is instant and irreversible. This type of seeing also causes spontaneous laughter at the silliness of mind processes and automatically auto-corrects mind habits and conditioning. A natural intelligence, which is spontaneous and effortless, begins to organically unfold to itself.


"If the mind cannot get beyond itself and interferes with everything it comes in contact with then how to stop the mind?"

Summairu's Answer:

Simply don't mind. Don't mind if thoughts are happening or not and don't mind if you're minding if thoughts are there. Don't mind if you're understanding or not and don't mind if you're trying to understand. Don't mind what you're feeling and don't mind if you're not wanting to feel what you're feeling. Don't mind if you're experiencing peace or not and don't mind if you're seeking to experience peace. Don't mind anything, even if you're minding then don't mind that. Don't mind your mind means don't mind if you're minding your mind.

That's the freedom and peace which surpasses understanding since it's a freedom which doesn't need to feel a certain way, a freedom that doesn't need anything to be a certain way, a freedom that doesn't even need to be freed. That's freedom itself and it points to that which is already and always free.

It's all so very easy and simple, just see that whatever is being, that's what is. Absolutely whatever it is, what is minding? The mind is minding the mind, so don't mind that, even if you're minding that then don't mind anything that is being minded.

This cannot be done as an instruction, you can only be clear about the processes of the mind, which is instantly laughable. It gives the mind nothing to do (Laughs) and you see that what you are doesn't mind simply because it's only the mind that minds the mind. How loopy. Quite literally the mind loops back onto itself; it imagines a problem with what is and then seeks to find a way out of that imagined problem, but there is no problem, just the spontaneity of the mind functioning as it does. That functionality is only a seeming problem to the mind.

"What if I can't just "not mind" when the mind does mind? Can I question the stressful thoughts the mind is minding?"
indeed, this is why I say that this pointing cannot be taken as an instruction because anything you do will be the same mind which caused the seeming problem in the first place and now the mind is seeking to do something about the seeming problem of itself.

To the mind, it cares about the difference between a stressful thought and a happy thought, so it thinks there is something to do about the difference, even though the only difference is in the mind. Which is fine, but if you don't mind that it does this or not, then it eventually stops finding solutions to the problem of itself. And that's the true answer.

Hence, this has to be clearly seen, somehow, and upon seeing this clearly then any doing (even questioning stressful thoughts) doesn't make much sense.

The key is to give the mind nothing to do, by simply not minding what is done or not done. Not minding if you question the stressful thoughts or not. Not minding if the mind makes a difference between thoughts, not minding if thoughts happen or not, etc.

Of course, if this simplicity is too difficult to be clear about, which is way too subtle for most to actually be clear about it in an irreversible manner, for whatever reason it's rare, then offering an instruction about what to do, I would also suggest inquiring (questioning) since it's the next best option because it's designed to get at the root of the thought.

Inquiring into "who minds this stressful thought?" is designed to get at the root, since it flips the mind back onto itself and you discover that you don't actually mind. Mind minds when it's not questioned simply because the mind has been habitually imagining itself to be real and true.


"Can you explain in simple terms what you mean by "Just Be" (Summa Iri) and also the power in such a seeing? Why is such a seeing so rare?"

Summairu's Answer:

Just be, whatever happens just be still and keep quiet. Give up the intention to keep quiet and just be still. Not trying to be still is what stillness is. Not attempting to just be is how just being is being.

This is not something you can do, it's not even a state of being, it's what is and what you are. What is can be none other than what is. It's simpler than simple. What could be more simple than just being and letting whatever is being to be? Can you stop being? Why complicate it?

Most cannot hear such simplicity, so they move on to complex things. People look for what works for them based on seeing results. Stop all intention for any results. The power of simplicity is that simplicity takes over your being.

It's as simple as it is, not more or less than what it always is. Anybody can be the simplicity of what they are. It's only as complex as you imagine it to be, meanwhile it's just being anyhow. Why do so few hear this call for simplicity? I don't know. It's what you are always being anyhow.

Rare are the ones who are done with all methods and simply abide in what they are. To abide means to simply be, despite what that looks like. In simply being, this that you are simply lives you, it finds its own way and in its own time.

You just let whatever will be to be. How can you not let it? Even not letting it be, is what's being, you see? This type of simplicity holds more power than you can imagine because it stops all complexity and now this naturalness, that is you, can continue to be, as it always has, but you were not experiencing the effects of it since you were imagining complexity. There is no harm in imagining complexity, the simplicity remains untouched by imagination.

Be as simple as a seed of a tree. The seed doesn't try to become a tree. The seed tries no methods or techniques to be the tree. The seed is simply being and not being anything; not being a seed or a tree, but just being.

The seed has no concern about being a tree nor a seed, no thoughts about how to be. The seed grows naturally, but the seed chooses nothing and therefore does nothing, yet all is done, effortlessly and spontaneously.

The seed simply grows, when life sees fit, when life sets the perfect conditions with soil and rain, but the seed knows nothing of any of this. The seed doesn't try for perfect conditions. The seed knows nothing of conditions or what is needed. Life does it all but life itself is spontaneous and effortless unto itself, so even life does nothing with an agenda and this is the power of natural simplicity. Life is intelligent, but only because it knows not what it's doing, it's not consciously doing anything, and yet this unfathomable intelligence and ungraspable wisdom pures through all of existence; omniscient.

The seed grows and takes its time because it knows of no time. The seed has no desires to become anything and yet all things which are just being will naturally become the potential of what beingness is.

You think you are different from nature but thoughts, feelings and everything else naturally unfolds too. Nature does you through being what it is. Human beings are simply an aspect of being; an aspect of nature. And nature is in harmony with itself, thus it auto-corrects itself to restore natural balance, one way or another. That's the flow of nature and it leads the way, so be as nature is and let life unfold, because what else could be but what it is already being? What else could unfold but what is already unfolding?

How can you let be what is already being? If you understand the question than you understand what it means to just be and the power of that simplicity.

"Just Be--as in letting go you mean?"
If "letting go" is seen as something you do or don't do, then no. To just be, is to see that letting go or even not letting go are both just being. Whichever one appears in the moment, then that's what is being. How can you do or not do being? You're always being. You see? To just be, as you always are, there's a natural letting go, which is not done, but simply a side-effect of seeing that you cannot stop being.


"I briefly experienced a blissful freedom while reading your words and I saw that as what is but how do I abide there? Now I'm struggling and resisting."

Summairu's Answer:

What is, is. No matter what it looks like, no matter what it feels like, no matter what your experience, you cannot escape what is or arrive at what is. The moment you try to escape, that's what is. The moment you try to arrive, then that's what is. How can you change what is? Trying to change what is, is now what is happening. You cannot not be abiding within what is. Abiding within what is, is to notice that you cannot help but to abide, since what is always is.

There is a type of freedom that is felt, when you see that no matter what you do or don't do; no matter what you're being or not being, that's what is. Freedom is right here as what is. Whole and complete, this is what is, simply because it couldn't be otherwise. It's always and already the case.

So, there's struggle and that's what is. When you see that's what is, then struggle is not a problem because there is no problem in what is. Are you having a problem with what is? Okay, so having a problem with what is, that's what is. How can it not be what is? Frustration is happening, then that's what is.

It's all what is. There is never a moment when "what is" is not what is. It's not that you're not resisting what is. It's not that you're allowing what is. It's not that you're letting what is to be as it is. It's simply what it is. Seeing what is and seeing that anything you do or don't do is what is, then the side-effect is naturally non-resistance, allowing and letting go, simply because whatever it is, that's what is.

If resistance is, that's what is. How can you resist what is, when both non-resistance and also resistance can appear as what is? If not allowing what is, seems to be, then that's what is. How can you not allow what is? Both allowing and not allowing, whichever one is appearing, that's now what is.

Whatever you're doing or not doing, being or not being, is that not what is? So, how are you to escape what is? How are you to arrive at what is? How are you to abide as what is? What is, always is what it is.

It may sound simplistic, but that's the good news because no matter what is happening, to see that it's what is, is freedom itself. A freedom that doesn't need to look a certain way, a freedom from having to feel a certain way, a freedom from having to arrive somewhere or abide somewhere. That's liberation itself.

It's only the struggle with struggle that causes the sense of a struggler who needs to not struggle and "the struggler" continues to try not to struggle and it's a false movement. It's only an idea about what is and then trying to remove the idea of what is through another idea about what to do about it. Yet, when struggle is met as what is, since that's what is, then there is no struggle against struggle because to see this clearly is to see that even struggling with struggle is what is.

This is likely the most simplistic, direct and clearest pointer but it's also the most subtle, so likely the power of seeing this will be overlooked by most. Yet, this is what every clear pointer is pointing to, in many different ways, but the same one pointer.

The power in this, when it's not used as a mantra, technique or method, but a real clear seeing, then this seeing begins to auto-correct that which is false and embodies a type of enlightenment or natural harmony which doesn't get in the way of itself.

However, to really see this clearly, is to not even focus on a future outcome of freedom, but to see that the freedom is here and now, as whatever is being what it is. It's a freedom that doesn't even need to look or feel like freedom and strangely enough that's the freedom everyone is searching for and that's the freedom that eventually causes the side-effects of uncaused happiness and the love of simply being.

It cannot be done, but only seen that all doing or not doing is what is and in the seeing of such simplicity, then it's irreversible. How are you going to forget that what is, simply is? Even forgetting, if that's appearing, then that's what is. What is, is. Nothing could be more simple.

"Thank you Summa for the simple logical of your clarity. I love it. Every creature is aware of what is, though maybe not aware of being aware of it? Why does it seem so difficult for most human beings, including me, to experience this simple clarity all the time?"
It's simple but that which processes cannot process this type of directness since it's inviting that processing to loop back onto itself, leaving in a catch 22 which makes no sense to it.

Thus simple ideas, similar to "how to experience it all the time?" or "being aware of being aware of it". These ideas suggest an intention of something to process in order to get results but what's being pointed to is not a result orientated intention. What is, is the result, so no intention will give the result.

For that reason, the processing has to keep coming up with ideas which keep the processing going, otherwise it makes no sense because there is nothing to process. Like a snake eating itself. It's simply an irreversible seeing that what is, always is.

In short, what is can either appear as being unaware or aware, because no matter what is looks like, that's what is. What is, is the only isness being experienced, so trying to abide in a constant experience "all the time" is a strange way to process what's being pointed to since there is no experience which is constant, except the fact that what is, always is.

What's that strange process which keeps processing what's being pointed to as something that it needs to do? Especially when all I am saying is that it doesn't matter what you do or what you don't do, everything you do or don't do is what is.

Why does it process this as ideas of "how to experience it all the time?" or "being aware of being aware of it", both those ideas appear as what is. What is, is. What to do? What is the problem? Where can you go with what is?


"How does 'Self-realization' align with your teaching of 'Summa Iru'? How would you suggest to become Self-realized?"

Summairu's Answer:

"Self-realization" is simply another way to point to "Summa Iru"; it's a different angle of the same One Truth.

To realize the Self, simply relate to all of it as the One Self.

The strange fact about Self-realization is that you cannot find what you already and always are. You are invisible to yourself, simply because you are everywhere, as everything and everybody, which means you have no particular location nor reference-point, so how are you going to realize this fact? Where are you going to look?

Every thought is the Self, every emotion is the Self, every feeling is the Self, every action and nonaction is the Self, everything is done by the Self alone. The mind is done by the Self. Nature is done by the Self. There are no individual doers, the Self alone is the only One Doer. There is nobody who is awake and nobody who is dreaming. You cannot not be the Self.

All differences are the Self too, so there are no actual differences anywhere. All things and objects are the Self, so there are no actual things or objects. All distances and the space between objects are the Self, so there is no actual distance or space. The inner and outer of the all of everything is the Self, so there is no actual inside nor outside to anything at all.

The world is the Self, thus there is no world, only the Self is. All bodies everywhere are nothing other than the Self, thus there is no such thing as a body. The projection of all these differences and all these objects and things are projected by the mind, which is nothing but the Self, so there is no mind (only the Self is).

When everything is related to as the One Self, this changes everything and you cannot help but to be of service and love.

First know the mind as the Self, then the mind has nothing to do and is not seen as a mind, but as the Self. Then the mind autocorrects because the mind is not seeking, is not caring to be realized, is not making differences or caring if it's seeming creating differences, doesn't mind if it thinks or not, doesn't mind if it's at peace or not. And this is true peace because it's the ultimate truth. The freedom to just be, despite what that looks like. However it looks, however it feels, however it's experienced, that's the One Self.

Finally you can forget about the mind, forget about the ego, forget about unconsciousness, forget about getting lost in thoughts, forget about staying present, forget about no-mind, forget about forgetting, forget about enlightenment, forget about awakening, forget about liberation and freedom.

Only then does something significant and natural takes place. It happens when you relate to everything and everybody as the One Self. It happens because this is the One absolute truth and everything else stems from that truth, so when you start from the truth, then that truth organically refines, matures, deepens, clearer and simpler, integrates, embodies, etc.

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Grace has no direction, so it appears to come randomly or directionless, until everything is met as nothing but unmoved Grace itSelf. Your deepest revelations stir up the most disturbing hidden shadows but your hardest challenges are eventually seen as the greatest blessings. All is the constant flow of perfect Grace. Only the mind is uncertain about the perfection of everything but you are not the mind. You are Grace itSelf. ~Summairu

Listen, not with your ears, but through silence and openness. ~Summairu

To relate to someone as dreaming, or something as illusory, will create a separation or division within, since you're subtlety implying a duality or opposite versions of "this" versus "that" (awake versus asleep). As soon as you relate to everyone and everything as the One Self, there is an instant relaxation, patience, softness and gentleness, peacefulness and ease, because this is closer to the truth of your being, hence why it touches the heart of compassion, kindness and the intimacy of impersonal Love. ~Summairu

The whole world is within the mind, simply because you cannot know anything without the mind. Everything is mind, absolutely everything is conceptual. What can be known without the mind? Only that which is not mind can be.

When you fall into deep sleep, the whole world disappears, along with you, simply because the mind is not moving. If this is truly seen, then everything (the mind) becomes transparently clear while you're wide awake and what is left is the truth, which can never be spoken, but what a perfectly empty stillness in this not-knowing wonderment of mesmerising silence. Out of the great void of silence, everything expresses the magnificence of silence itself. ~Summairu

When all forms are realized to be empty of permanence, then the Permanence is revealed as all forms. ~Summairu

Simply notice that the journey of life is always whole and complete then there are no problems. Every movement is already the destination. ~Summairu

Thoughts happen in the same manner that your heart beats―it's the same energy which happens spontaneously; the same movement that happens effortlessly. ~Summairu

Self-realization is the simplest, clearest, least special and least rare realization that you can ever touch since it's the only One that exists. It's "everything else" that is false, complex and efforts to pretend to be rare and special.

Self-realization is only rare because it's too simple, quite literally, it's so simple that no idea can touch it. In fact, the Absolute is simply realized when all ideas which seem to obscure it are seen through as false. Whatever you think the Self is; whatever expectations you have about what it looks like or what it takes to realize it, are directly the false ideas that seem to obscure it. ~Summairu

As soon as you let struggle be what it is being (simply just be) then you discover a sense of peace and freedom with it and in that moment you realize that whatever is happening now is always the gateway to freedom because freedom is never actually lost. In other words, to discover peace and freedom right in the midst of struggle is to realize that struggle is not what it appears to be and that freedom is the only actuality of what is. ~Summairu

Through the clarity that absolutely everything is spontaneously happening, equally and undifferentiated, silence is the natural response. In the depths of silence there is no complexity. ~Summairu

Strange this whole business of something to do or something to be, something to not do and something to not be, meanwhile the whole thing is only doing itself, effortlessly. ~Summairu

If it feels like you can surrender to whatever is happening in the moment then do that. If you cannot surrender then you cannot surrender in this moment. And once you realize that you cannot surrender in this moment then it's in that moment that you are naturally surrendered to "not being able to surrender". As a result, true surrender is not a moment to moment unfolding in which you can or cannot do, it's a realization that surrender is the constant and therefore the realization is constant. ~Summairu

When there is an agenda to escape what feels trapped then it seems to affirm that there is such a thing as a trap which then needs to be escaped. ~Summairu

Until you realize yourself as the Absolute, which is existing prior to existence, then you will not know how to authentically love, appreciate and celebrate all of existence. ~Summairu

Underneath most anything that is shared, there is a subtle and unconscious inner conflict. It's a wordless confliction but the felt-sense expression is something similar to this: "Am I alone in this feeling? Is it okay to feel this?". It's a reaching out for connection because they are not connecting with the feeling within themselves, where it originated. If there was first a connection within, then that connection would naturally dissolve whatever is being felt because to connect within is to connect with the spacious stillness of silence. ~Summairu

There is a wholeness and completeness even as apparent problems happen, so what is the problem with interpreting something as a problem?

Can we be okay and at ease with problems? Of course, since it's already okay, even before we allow it, it's there and happening without our permission.

We either act on it or we don't. It either gets resolved or it doesn't and every step of the way life is always being what it is; complete. ~Summairu

If you're looking for freedom then you're not wanting freedom, not really. Freedom is already and always here, despite what is. If you're not wanting what is, then you're not wanting freedom, you're wanting something else. ~Summairu

Don't identify with that which identifies. Identify with absolutely nothing and the natural side effect is an allowing of absolutely everything. ~Summairu

As soon as you believe the idea that someone is ignorant, or delusional, then you stop loving them. Love comes from seeing that everyone and everything is the Self and nothing other.~Summairu

Feel what you feel and don't mind what you're feeling. Have inner acceptance of whatever you are experiencing. Don't fight anything, simply be intimately aware of what you're experiencing. ~Summairu

What you are is never limited and that's why it's perfectly okay to feel limited. It's perfectly okay to feel not okay. There is unlimited freedom in just being, despite what is being felt or being experienced in each moment, since this is how the unlimited is appearing. ~Summairu

When you sense an okayness with unhappiness, just as equally as you feel with happiness―that's something significant. This could be called simply being or uncaused happiness.

When you're no longer registering where you're at, what state you're in, comparing and giving meaning to something being there or not being there, but just simply being, then life can be what it is and you no longer need life to be what it is not. ~Summairu

You are no different than nature, always on time. As innocent as nature too. The silent stillness of nature moves all course of action, perfectly unfolding. You don't have a life. Life is one whole. You are life itself, present aliveness. Let life do you. ~Summairu

Advaita awakening is similar to waking from a dream. Everything in the dream and of the dream is gone, including the dreamer. What's left is the Absolute, which was always here but overlooked. ~Summairu

Having a sense of ease, or okayness, with your struggling, is the instant end of the struggle and the beginning of the end of the struggler. ~Summairu


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